102 Engineer's Way


W.C. Crenshaw will join UVA Engineering's Chemical Engineering Department in January as the 2021 Brenton S. Halsey Distinguished Visiting Professor in Chemical Engineering.

Retiring from Ashland Chemical in 2012 his career has spanned public education and the Specialty Chemicals Industry over 37 years. His tenure in the chemicals sector focused predominately in Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations domestic and abroad.

W.C. has held several senior executive leadership roles during his career, including multiple plant manager assignments, European Supply Chain Director, and Director of Manufacturing for North America.

The bulk of his career consisted of the direct operations of chemical plants and participation and leadership of cross-functional teams associated with mergers and acquisitions as well as improvement initiatives.

The Halsey Professor has principal responsibility for a limited-enrollment, school-wide, senior-level course that focuses on themes of human values and practices in technical business and industry. It is to complement the current educational programs and personal growth experiences of professional level engineering students.

W.C. holds a B.S. in English Education from Virginia Commonwealth University and a M.S. in Chemical Engineering  from the University of Virginia.