​B.S. Michigan Technological University, 1976 ​M.S. Michigan Technological University, 1978 ​Ph.D. Michigan Technological University, 1980


  • CGEP Distinguished Faculty Award 2006
  • VEF Distinguished Faculty Award 2005
  • All-University Teaching Award 1998-99
  • H.S. Morton, Jr., Undergraduate Teaching Award 1996
  • Fellow, ASM
  • Bradley Stoughten Outstanding Young Teacher Award of ASM 1988
  • Robert Lansing Hardy Gold Metal of TMS-AIME 1983

Research Interests

  • Surface and Interface Science and Engineering
  • Materials Characterization
  • Nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing

Selected Publications

  • "Influence of elastic stress on phase transformations,'' in Lectures on the Theory of Phase Transformations, ed. H.I. Aaronson (TMS-AIME, 2000) pp. 35-134. W.C. Johnson
  • "The thermodynamics of elastically stressed crystals," Solid State Physics, (2004). P.W. Voorhees and W.C. Johnson
  • "Spinodal Decomposition in a small radially stressed sphere," Acta mater. 49, 3463-74 (2001). W.C. Johnson
  • "Numerical simulations of pattern-directed phase decomposition in a stressed, binary thin film," J. Appl. Phys. 94, pp. 889-98 (2003). S.M. Wise and W.C. Johnson
  • "Spinodal decomposition and coarsening of stressed thin films on compliant substrates," Acta mater. 49, pp. 1771-87 (2001). P.H. Leo and W.C. Johnson
  • "Sequences of phase formation in multiphase stressed plates," Metall. Mater. Trans. 33A, pp. 1901-11 (2002). W.C. Johnson and P.H. Leo
  • "Superficial stress and strain at coherent interfaces," Acta mater. 48, pp. 433-444 (2000). W.C. Johnson
  • "On the growth of an intermediate phase in coherently stressed thin plates," Acta mater. 48, pp. 1021-32 (2000). W.C. Johnson