B.S. ​University of Texas-Austin, 1972M.S. ​​University of Texas-Austin, 1976Ph.D. ​​University of Texas-Austin, 1981

"Most recently my work in "digital humanities" has made accessible information: primary sources and interpretative materials on a wide range of topics."

Worthy Martin, Associate Professor of Computer Science


Research interests include:

Human Machine Interface, Computer Graphics and Vision,



I began my career in "dynamic scene analysis", a subarea of computer vision and image processing. In the last several years I have been associated with "digital humanities" scholars at UVa and elsewhere in a wide variety of projects in archaeology, literary studies, history, endangered languages, Tibetan studies, architecture, art history, religious studies and media studies.

Research Interests

  • Human Machine Interface
  • Computer Graphics and Vision

Selected Publications

  • “Analyzing Evolving Social Structures, ”Digital Humanities, Krakow, Poland, July 12-16, 2016. Hott, J.R., W.N. Martin and K. Flake
  • “Warp and Weft on the Loom of Lat/Long,” chapter in Deep maps and Spatial Narratives, D.J. Bodenhamer, J. Corrigan and T.M. Harris, eds., Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana, 2015, pp. 203-222. W.N. Martin
  • "Visualizing and Analyzing Identity Classes in Evolving Social Structures," Digital Humanities and Computer Science, University of Chicago, November 12-13, 2015. Hott, J., W.N. Martin and K. Flake
  • "Digital Yoknapatawpha: Interpreting a Palimpsest of Place," Digital Humanities, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 7-12, 2014. Dye, D.J., J.B. Napolin, E. Cornell, and W.N. Martin
  • “Legacy Data, Digital Archives, and New Directions for Chaco Canyon Archaeology,” Society of American Archaeology National Conference, April 2012. Martin, W.N., A. Holeman, C. Heitman, A. Watson, and , S.E. Plog