Ph.D. Virginia Tech, 2017B.Eng. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2009


Research interests include:

Distributed and storage systems, Cloud Computing, High-performance Computing, Operating Systems


Yue Cheng holds a dual appointment as an Assistant Professor in the School of Data Science and in the Department of Computer Science. Prior to joining UVA in 2022, he was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at George Mason University. Cheng's research interests include distributed systems, cloud and serverless computing, high-performance computing, and operating systems. His research is driven by the complexities of modern data-intensive computer systems, and the need for more efficient and easy-to-use approaches to manage such complexities. His current research focuses on designing efficient data systems for data science: (1) designing efficient stateful serverless computing systems using a full-stack approach spanning applications, platforms, and OS/hardware; and (2) building better computing and storage systems for distributed machine learning.


  • IEEE Computer Society TCHPC Early Career Researchers Awards for Excellence in HPC 2022
  • Meta Research Award 2022
  • SC Best Student Paper Award Finalist 2022
  • NSF CAREER Award 2021
  • Amazon Research Award 2020

Research Interests

  • Distributed and storage systems
  • cloud computing
  • high-performance computing
  • operating systems

Selected Publications

  • "SFS: Smart OS Scheduling for Serverless Functions"; The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC'22), 2022 Yuqi Fu, Li Liu, Haoliang Wang, Yue Cheng, Songqing Chen
  • "FaaSNet: Scalable and Fast Provisioning of Custom Serverless Container Runtimes at Alibaba Cloud Function Compute"; 2021 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC'21), 2021 ABS Ao Wang, Shuai Chang, Huangshi Tian, Hongqi Wang, Haoran Yang, Huiba Li, Rui Du, Yue Cheng
  • "Wukong: A Scalable and Locality-Enhanced Framework for Serverless Parallel Computing"; The ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SoCC'20), 2020 ABS Benjamin Carver, Jingyuan Zhang, Ao Wang, Ali Anwar, Panruo Wu, Yue Cheng
  • "TiFL: A Tier-based Federated Learning System"; The ACM Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing (HPDC'20) 2020 ABS Zheng Chai, Ahsan Ali, Syed Zawad, Stacey Truex, Ali Anwar, Nathalie Baracaldo, Yi Zhou, Heiko Ludwig, Feng Yan, Yue Cheng
  • InfiniCache: Exploiting Ephemeral Serverless Functions to Build a Cost-Effective Memory Cache ABS Ao Wang, Jingyuan Zhang, Xiaolong Ma, Ali Anwar, Lukas Rupprecht, Dimitrios Skourtis, Vasily Tarasov, Feng Yan, Yue Cheng