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Our faculty are not content to trod well-worn engineering paths. Instead, they are driven to pursue innovations in teaching, research that address truly complex challenges, and to pursue worldwide leadership roles in their fields.


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  • Kang, Hyojung

    Visiting Research Assistant Professor

    Hyojung Kang is a Research Assistant Professor in the Systems Engineering program at the University of Virginia. Her research focuses on developing and applying operations research and applied statistics methods to provide model-based, implementable solutions for complex systems, particularly...

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  • Klotz, Leidy

    Copenhaver Associate Professor

    Leidy Klotz is the Copenhaver Associate Professor at the University of Virginia. His research is filling in underexplored overlaps between engineering and behavioral science, in pursuit of more sustainable built environment systems. To support this interdisciplinary work, Klotz has been awarded...

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  • Krzysztofowicz, Roman, Ph.D.

    Professor of Systems Engineering, Professor of Statistics in College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

    Dr. Krzysztofowicz joined the U.Va. faculty in 1982, after he had held faculty posts at the University of Arizona and MIT. He develops theories and models for probabilistic forecasting and optimal decision making under uncertainty.

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