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High-Performance Low-Power Lab (HPLP)

The High-Performance Low-Power (HPLP) Laboratory is dedicated to research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) hardware and edge IoT. Ongoing research spans a wide range of topics, from Processing-in-Memory (PiM), low-power hardware accelerator design, and Smart Dust, to explorations in spintronics and nanoelectronics.

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The HPLP lab is currently looking for innovative, hard working  and intelligent professionals  who are interested in Processing in Memory, FPGA applications, AI and Deep Nueral Networks and ultra low power circuit design. Prospective students and researchers can contact the lab at mircea@virginia.edu for more information about joining our group. 


Contact Information

Mircea R Stan
Virginia Microelectronics Consortium (VMEC) Professor
University of Virginia
Phone: 434-924-3503