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Solving real world problems with advanced image processing

Our work combines traditional image processing algorithms with advanced neural network architecture design.

The Virginia Image and Video Analysis (VIVA) Lab in the University of Virginia’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department is led by Professor Scott T. Acton. Our research focus is on developing principled algorithms for image and video analysis - applied mathematics (linear algebra and probabilistic frameworks) combine seamlessly with neural network architecture design in our Lab for advancing research by solving real world problems in a wide variety of domains - biology, healthcare, education, defense etc. We actively collaborate with a wide variety of researchers, both at UVA and other schools, to advance algorithm development for image and video analysis.

Our current research interests include biomedical/biological image analysis, human activity recognition and other computer vision tasks, bacterial biofilm analysis and explainable artificial intelligence. We take pride in being considered a group with diverse backgrounds , and our alumni has pursued diverse interests post graduation. We welcome you to explore our Lab!