Research Overview

The Lampe Group’s research interests are neural tissue engineering, biomaterials, drug delivery, redox regulation of stem cell fate, engineering cell-interactive microenvironments, computational approaches to designing extracellular matrix mimetics

Neural regeneration within the central nervous system (CNS) is a critical unmet challenge as CNS disorders continue to be the leading cause of disability nationwide. Many novel drug delivery and 3-dimensional tissue engineering strategies present innovative therapeutic approaches, but still require substantial research into cell-biomaterial interactions before they can be effectively translated to the clinic. Engineers can provide a unique perspective in the design and development of materials for human health.

Our research is an innovative combination of in vitro systems and future in vivo applications of biomaterial-stem cell interactions drawing on aspects of engineering, stem cell biology, and neuroscience with a unifying theme of functional neural tissue engineering. Our overarching goal is to develop a new, integrated approach in building material systems that are both cell-instructive and cell-responsive, creating a dynamic feedback loop between a cell and its engineered microenvironment.

Our multidisciplinary lab focuses on biomaterial and drug delivery applications for neurodegenerative diseases and injuries of the CNS and investigate material effects on cell behaviors such as proliferation, differentiation, directed neurite growth, and tissue function.

Lampe Group current project overview

Current Projects