Join us for a celebration of 50 years of corrosion and electrochemistry research at UVA! 

Please join us for the June 1, 2024 celebration of 50 years of corrosion and electrochemistry research at UVA! This event will also serve as a remembrance of Glenn Stoner, the founder of our research center, who passed away in the summer of 2023. There is nothing Glenn would more enjoy than knowing that his academic off-spring were able to get together and celebrate what he created.

The Event

The event will be held at UVA in the Ern Commons. It is a big space on a single floor that opens out to a HUGE outdoor space and is quite close to Wilsdorf and Jesser Halls, as well as the UVA Cemetery where Glenn's ashes will be interred. An event schedule for the day is being developed, but events will begin around noon and finish in early evening after a dinner.

Hotel and Other Lodging Information

The event date occurs during one of the two consecutive weekends of UVA Reunions, so consider booking early even if you later need to cancel. Charlottesville lodging information is available, including hotels and other options such as Airbnb, VRBO and local resource Stay Charlottesville

Connect with Us

If you are on LinkedIn, please request to join the CESE - University of Virginia Alumni group. Please also send Sudesh Kannan (PhD '95) your email address so we can keep you informed.

This should be a great event a half-century in the making!


Rob Kelly and John Scully