By  Eric Williamson
Madhur Behl at Carr's Hill
Madhur Behl originally shared his story live at Carr’s Hill, the home of University of Virginia President Jim Ryan, on April 9. Hoos in STEM partnered with UVA research leaders for the event. (Contributed photo)

The Story Collider, a popular STEM stories podcast, reminds us in its latest episode, “Sometimes things don’t go well the first time… or the second… or even the hundredth time.”

But what about when things fly apart completely? 

Madhur Behl, an associate professor in the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science, shares the inspirational journey of the Cavalier Autonomous Racing team, for which he serves as principal.

Behl, an expert in computers science and systems and information engineering who is affiliated with Link Lab, is a researcher advancing the frontier of safe autonomous systems through racing competition. For his team of students, the mission is to build upon each year’s technological successes to have an ever more competitive “self-driving” racecar.

Find out what happens after his team hears, “Car Nine has crashed into the wall” — and don’t miss the thrilling YouTube footage that accompanies.

The Story Collider

UVA Engineering’s Madhur Behl puts us in the cockpit of a driverless car and makes us feel what happens when you hit a wall.