Chemical engineering associate professor Geoffrey Geise (left) and his Ph.D. advisee Sean Bannon have won a Best Paper Award from the American Chemical Society journal ACS ES&T Engineering.

Geoffrey M. Geise, an associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science, his Ph.D. student Sean M. Bannon and their colleagues have won a 2022 Best Paper Award from ACS ES&T Engineering, an environmental science and technology journal of the American Chemical Society.

The paper, “Counterion Mobility in Ion-Exchange Membranes: Spatial Effect and Valency-Dependent Electrostatic Interaction,” adds to fundamental understanding of molecular transport behavior through ion-exchange membranes. Finding ways to improve selectivity of these membranes is an important need for separation processes in applications such as water treatment, desalination and power generation.

Geise’s research focuses on the fundamentals of chemically and electrochemically driven small-molecule transport through polymeric materials in order to engineer membranes that will address global water shortages and the need for clean energy.

ACS ES&T Engineering is part of the long-established and high-impact ACS Engineering & Technology family of journals.

In an announcement of this year’s best paper winners, the publication notes “The awards recognize the most significant and impactful contributions of all our excellent authors who, through their research, have most significantly advanced our comprehension of crucial environmental engineering issues and the technological solutions necessary for a sustainable world.”

Papers chosen for the awards include research on membrane technology, environmental bioprocess, water reuse and management, electrochemical/chemical/(photo)catalytic oxidation, and advanced oxidation processes.