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  • A Powerful Idea

    UVA-Led Team to Develop Offshore Wind Turbines to Withstand Extreme Weather

    In 15 years, a forest of giant wind turbines – able to protect themselves in severe weather by folding in their rotor blades like palm trees in a hurricane – could be planted off...

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  • Improving Jet Engines

    Paving the Way for Hypersonic Propulsion

    The Air Force Office of Scientific Research have joined forces with the National Science Foundation in awarding mechanical and aerospace engineering Professor Harsha Chelliah a $1...

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  • Link Lab Expands

    UVA Engineering Launches Formal, International Search for Faculty, Graduate Students in Cyber-Physical Systems

    The University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science has opened its international search for eight faculty members to join a multi-million dollar initiative that...

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  • Deadliest Crash

    Researchers Driven to Save Lives

    Researchers at the Engineering School’s Center for Applied Biomechanics, using a $5 million grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and $2 million from car...

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  • Getting Real

    Research Experience for Undergrads

    No one ever fell in love with engineering by reading a textbook. Knowing this, many Engineering School faculty members welcome undergraduates into their labs each summer as part...

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  • Reengineering Nature

    Boats that Swim

    During her first Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative grant, Professor Hilary Bart-Smith and her colleagues studied batoid rays to develop a a better understanding of...

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  • Faculty Accolade

    Aerospace Engineer Eric Loth Cited as ‘Brilliant Mind’ Behind Energy Revolution

    Popular Science has named 12 scientists who are “The Brilliant Minds Behind The New Energy Revolution” and the “faces of change.” The University of Virginia’s Eric Loth is among...

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  • Faculty Excellence

    Professor Makes a Difference in the Lives of Soldiers, Students and Colleagues

    Professor Pamela Norris' outstanding record of research, teaching and service led the new School of Engineering Dean, Craig Benson, to promote her to Executive Associate Dean...

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  • Larry Richards Named UVA Engineering School's First ASEE Fellow

    The American Society of Engineering Education has selected Larry G. Richards, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of Virginia, as a member of its Academy of Fellows.

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