• Getting Real

    Research Experience for Undergrads

    No one ever fell in love with engineering by reading a textbook. Knowing this, many Engineering School faculty members welcome undergraduates into their labs each summer as part...

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  • Mark of Distinction

    UVA Engineering, College Join Max Planck

    Laboratories from UVA’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and College of Arts & Sciences have been invited to join MAXNET Energy, a consortium of seven Max Planck...

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  • Data Science

    A Master's with a Difference

    Over the past five years, scores of universities around the country have introduced master’s-level data science programs, but few universities approach data science the way the...

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  • Wireless Health

    Harnessing People Power

    UVA's participation in a Nanosystems Engineering Research Center dedicated to developing wearable, self-powered health and environmental monitoring devices is a milestone.

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  • The Next Step

    A Tenure-Track Job

    Philip Asare’s experiences as a graduate student in the Engineering School proved to be the perfect springboard, not just for securing an academic post, but finding one that will...

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  • Entrepreneurship

    From Idea to Innovation

    It is not surprising that interest in entrepreneurship among engineering students has grown dramatically in the past few years, says Professor W. Bernard Carlson, chair of the...

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  • Reengineering Nature

    Boats that Swim

    During her first Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative grant, Professor Hilary Bart-Smith and her colleagues studied batoid rays to develop a a better understanding of...

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  • Building Secure Websites

    Professor, Graduate Student Develop Tool to Protect Web Users

    Most Internet users know that practicing good online hygiene —never clicking on spam, choosing strong passwords and setting up two-factor authentication — is essential for...

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  • Traffic Report

    Engineering Graduate Uses Big Data to Seek Insights to Bicycle Travel Flow

    As a longtime bicyclist, Alec Gosse is concerned with bike safety and the desire to make bicycle travel practical in a society centered on automobile travel.

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  • Faculty Accolade

    Aerospace Engineer Eric Loth Cited as ‘Brilliant Mind’ Behind Energy Revolution

    Popular Science has named 12 scientists who are “The Brilliant Minds Behind The New Energy Revolution” and the “faces of change.” The University of Virginia’s Eric Loth is among...

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