• A Powerful Idea

    UVA-Led Team to Develop Offshore Wind Turbines to Withstand Extreme Weather

    In 15 years, a forest of giant wind turbines – able to protect themselves in severe weather by folding in their rotor blades like palm trees in a hurricane – could be planted off...

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  • Faculty Accolade

    Computer Science Chair Earns International Recognition for Advancing Computer Processor Design

    Kevin Skadron, Harry Douglas Forsyth Professor and chair of Computer Science at the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science, has been named a fellow of...

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  • Perfect Partners

    Professors Show How to Pair Excellent Research and Teaching

    Can great research scientists also be great teachers? Two professors in the University of Virginia Department of Materials Science and Engineering are showing how it can be done...

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  • Improving Jet Engines

    Paving the Way for Hypersonic Propulsion

    The Air Force Office of Scientific Research have joined forces with the National Science Foundation in awarding mechanical and aerospace engineering Professor Harsha Chelliah a $1...

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  • It’s FUNdamental

    Electrical and Computer Engineering transforms undergraduate programs to boost student success

    In 2013, the Charles L. Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's undergraduate programs committee undertook an overhaul of the undergraduate curriculum. The...

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  • Laser Focused

    Pursuit of Excellence in Education

    Professor Maite Brandt-Pearce will pursue three strategies in her new role as Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of Virginia School of Engineering...

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  • Faculty Accolade

    Engineering & Society Chair Wins Unprecedented Two Sally Hacker Prizes

    Professor W. Bernard Carlson, chair of the University of Virginia Department of Engineering and Society, has earned a Sally Hacker Prize and a William and Joyce Middleton...

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  • Reducing Energy Consumption

    Smarter People, Not Smarter Thermostats

    Researchers from the University of Virginia and the University of Michigan have developed a system that could lead to the next generation of home thermostats – devices that...

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  • Link Lab Expands

    UVA Engineering Launches Formal, International Search for Faculty, Graduate Students in Cyber-Physical Systems

    The University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science has opened its international search for eight faculty members to join a multi-million dollar initiative that...

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  • Deadliest Crash

    Researchers Driven to Save Lives

    Researchers at the Engineering School’s Center for Applied Biomechanics, using a $5 million grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and $2 million from car...

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