• Battling Fibrosis

    Learning fundamental truths about a leading contributor to disease and death

    When Professor Thomas Barker, an expert in pulmonary fibrosis, joined the University of Virginia Department of Biomedical Engineering, his brief was not only to expand his...

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  • A Scientific Breakthrough

    Electrons in graphene behave like light, only better

    A team led by Cory Dean, assistant professor of physics at Columbia University, Avik Ghosh, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Virginia, and...

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  • Agrospheres Earns Prize

    Pesticide health worries could become a thing of the past thanks to UVA team's discovery

    For inventing a new product that promises to protect farm workers and consumers alike from pesticide residue on produce, a UVA Engineering-led team has won the national Collegiate...

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  • Honoring Vets, Service Members

    For Veterans Day, UVA Engineering salutes vets, service members

    As the nation celebrates the men and women of the military, UVA Engineering’s Accelerated Master’s Program in Systems Engineering has the privilege of serving a number of veterans...

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  • Great Heights for Student Research

    A recent NASA high-altitude balloon flight carried multiple payloads, including the JefferSat Cosmic Ray Mission, an experiment to measure radiation caused by cosmic rays entering...

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  • New Frontiers

    UVA Engineering Welcomes New Faculty, Innovation in 2016-2017

    The University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science welcomes five new teaching faculty and 16 new tenured and tenure-track faculty in 2016-2017, most for joint...

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  • Advancing the Link Lab

    UVA makes $4.8 million strategic investment in cyber-physical systems research Lab

    The University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors has approved $4.81 million over three years for the School of Engineering and Applied Science to launch a laboratory where...

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  • Focus On Impact

    Comprehensive Approach Attracts Women to Engineering at UVA

    UVA is top among flagship public universities in the country for the percentage of women who earn engineering degrees, according to a Washington Post analysis of the federal...

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  • Alumni Spotlight

    Read What Recently Graduated Women Engineering Students Say about UVA

    Three recent women graduates of the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science share their thoughts on what makes the educational experience at UVA...

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  • Faculty Achievement

    UVA Engineering Leader Earns National Recognition for Advancing Women in Engineering

    Pamela Norris, the Frederick Tracy Morse Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and executive associate dean for research, has earned a national award for her efforts...

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