• Center for Applied Biomechanics

    As the largest university-based injury biomechanics laboratory in the world, the center specializes in impact biomechanics for injury prevention. Started by NHTSA back in 1989, the center now operates out of a 30,000-square-foot facility located in the University of Virginia Research Park.
  • Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems (CCALS)

    CCALS is a consortium of industry, government and universities that adapts and transforms advanced logistics systems for market-ready solutions. CCALS engages and benefits its members through applied research and innovation in data analytics, cyber-physical systems, and strategic investments. Contact: Thomas Polmateer.
  • Coulter Center for Translational Research

    All too often, innovations in biomedical engineering that could significantly improve the healthcare of people around the world never enter the marketplace. The University of Virginia has joined forces with the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation in a groundbreaking effort to address the root causes of this bottleneck and commercialize promising treatments and techniques.
    • Early stage funding
    • Translational research management
  • Environmental Resilience Institute

    The Environmental Resilience Institute brings together UVA faculty, students, and external partners to conduct trans-disciplinary research at the intersection of environmental change and human wellbeing. The institute’s overarching goal is to identify solutions to some of society’s most challenging and complex social-environmental problems. UVA Engineering Representatives: Andres F. Clarens and Jonathan L. Goodall.