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    Built Environment

    Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil and environmental engineers design, build, and maintain the built environment, i.e., the roads, buildings, drinking water facilities, and other infrastructure systems that serve society.
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    Devices and Circuits

    Electrical and Computer Engineering We excel in the design of THz devices and circuits, microelectromechanical components, super-conducting materials, and beyond-CMOS electronics.
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    Energy and Environment

    Chemical Engineering Our chemical engineers are creating innovations in battery chemistry, solar materials, and impacting large-scale energy storage. They're also developing membranes for desalination, forward osmosis, osmotic power, and batteries. Additionally, they're engaged in bioremediation and designing biorenewable molecules to enhance safer and sustainable chemical production and combustable.
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    Hypersonic Research

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering UVA has over 35 years of experience in hypersonic technology development and hypersonic ground and flight testing. We have 17 faculty that are actively conducting research in hypersonics-related or hypersonics-relevant areas. Our core strengths lie in air-breathing propulsion and materials for hypersonic applications.
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    Sustainability in Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering We build on our success in thermal management, propulsion, machinery and additive manufacturing to transform manufacturing, transportation and energy systems.
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    Sustainable Systems

    Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil and environmental engineers work to advance sustainable systems by seeking to understand and mitigate the impacts of human activities on the natural environment.