• A graduate student works with a piece of equipment in a lab

    Biotechnology and Biomolecular Engineering

    Chemical Engineering Chemical engineers employ biotechnology for chromatography research, enhancing techniques to purify biomolecules, eliminate pollutants, facilitate neural tissue regeneration, and advance personalized medicine. They also study cell signaling and behavior.
  • microscope photo of retina next to model

    Systems Biology and Biomedical Data Sciences

    Biomedical Engineering Tackling complex challenges in human health requires the systematic analysis of molecular, cellular, and multi-cellular processes in a quantitative framework.
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    Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials

    Biomedical Engineering we push the boundaries through the development, optimization, and implementation of new and exciting chemistry, biology, and advanced biomanufacturing technology. Our ultimate goal is to control and replicate cells and tissues with the same precision and function as is found in nature, in order to provide greater translational therapies.