• medical imaging of a skull and brain

    Biomedical Imaging

    Biomedical Engineering UVA engineers are making major contributions to the future of biomedical imaging, addressing unmet clinical needs and basic science questions. We are discovering new systems and contrast agents to interrogate anatomy and function at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organ scales, improving guidance and application of medical therapies,and integrating imaging data with other big data.
  • graphic illustration of neurons

    Biomedical Systems and Data Science

    Electrical and Computer Engineering Our interdisciplinary research ranges from designing biomolecular sensors to developing data-intensive approaches for ensuring the safety of medical devices.
  • diagram of a chemical engineering simulation

    Simulation and Complex Systems

    Chemical Engineering WE use Monte Carlo methods to predict bacteria spread in groundwater as well as mMolecular dynamics simulations explore protein interactions, aiding design of stimuli-responsive materials for drug delivery, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine