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Welcome to the Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering!


Thank you for your interest in the Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering at the University of Virginia. We encourage you to explore this web site and learn more about us and what we have to offer.


Our Faculty

Thumbnail of Elizabeth J. Opila
Phone: ​434-243-7610

Elizabeth J. Opila

Professor, Director, Rolls-Royce University Technology Center on Advanced Material Systems

Research Areas
  • Corrosion and Electrochemical Sciences and Engineering
  • High Temperature Materials Science and Oxides
  • Advanced materials for transportation applications
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Thumbnail of Gary Koenig

Gary Koenig

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

Research Areas
  • Batteries and Energy Storage
  • Particle Engineering and Characterization
  • Materials Microstructure Control and Characterization
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