This list is subject to change at any time.

Current students must read the following before reviewing the course list:

  1. Courses not on this list should be pre-approved before students enroll in the course to ensure transfer credit will be awarded. Students can email the course syllabus to JR7UP@VIRGINIA.EDU to have it reviewed for transfer credit approval.
  2. Students cannot receive transfer credit for more than 50 percent of their degree requirements.
  3. A grade of ‘C’ or higher is required in order to receive transfer credit for an approved course. Please note, grades do not transfer over and do not affect the student’s cumulative grade point average.
  4. Students on a leave of absence may not transfer in credit without prior approval from the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs.  
  5. Students cannot enroll in a transfer course during the regular academic year (fall and spring) without prior approval from the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs.
  6. Physics lab must be completed in-class/on-campus in order to receive lab credit (PHYS 1429 and/or PHYS 2419). Students who complete Physics I or II online will not receive transfer credit for the lab portion.  
  7. General policies concerning transfer credit can be found in the UNDERGRADUATE RECORD
  8. Current students must request an official transcript after the course is completed and a final grade is posted.  If the institution uses Parchment to send transcripts, please have the official transcript sent to the University of Virginia School of Engineering & Applied Science.  Otherwise, official electronic transcripts can be sent from the college or university to JR7UP@VIRGINIA.EDU. Official transcripts can also be mailed to the address below:

School of Engineering & Applied Science
ATTN: Jesse Rogers
351 McCormick Road
P.O. Box 400233
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4233  

Course #
UVA Course #
Auburn UniversityENGR 2050Statics3CE/MAE 23003
Northern Arizona UniversityCSE 110Prin of Programming3CS 11103
University of Central ArkansasMATH 1592 Calculus II5APMA 11104
 MATH 3320  Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
 MATH 3331  Ordinary Diff Equations3APMA 21304
 MATH 4372 Statistics3APMA 31203
CSU - Dominguez HillsPHY 130General Physics I5PHYS 1425/14293/1
 PHY 132General Physics II5PHYS 2415/24193/1
Fullerton CollegeMATH 251Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
Palomar Comm CollegeCHEM 110General Chemistry3CHEM 14103
 CHEM 110LGeneral Chemistry Lab2CHEM 1411 1
Stanford UniversityCME 108-01Intro to Scientific Computing3CHE 22163
UC - BerkeleyMATH 53Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
Front Range Comm CollegePHYS 212Physics:  Calc Based II5PHYS 2415/24193/1
University of Colorado - BoulderCS 1150Principles of CS3CS 11103
 EBIO 2070Prin of Genetics & Dev Bio3BIOL 30103
Eastern Connecticut State UnivCHE 210General Chemistry I w/Lab 4CHEM 1410/14113/1
 CHE 211General Chemistry II w/Lab 4CHEM 1420/14213/1
 MAT 244Calculus II4APMA 1110 4
 MAT 310Applied Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
 MAT 315Probability & Statistics3APMA 31103
 MAT 340Calculus III4APMA 21204
Fairfield UniversityPHYS 1502Physics for Engineers II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
University of ConnecticutMATH 1132Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 2110Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
 MATH 3160Probability4APMA 31003
 MATH 3435Differential Equations4APMA 21304
University of HartfordCS 114Intro to Computer Prog4CS 11103
 M 145Calculus II4APMA 11104
 M 220Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
Delaware State UniversityMAT 283Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
 PHYS 202General Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
Stanton Comm CollegeMAT 253Discrete Math3CS 21203
 MAT 282Calculus II4APMA 1110 4
 MAT 283Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
 MAT 288Linear Algebra4APMA 30803
 MAT 291Ordinary Diff Equations4APMA 21304
University of DelawareMATH 210Discrete Math3CS 21203
Edison State CollegePHY 2049General Physics II4PHYS 24153
 PHY 2049LGeneral Physics II Lab1PHYS 24191
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UnivCS 223Scientific Programming3CS 11103
 MA 242Calc & Analytical Geom4APMA 11104
 PS 150Physics I for Engineers3PHYS 14253
Florida Atlantic UniversityPHY 2044Physics for Engineers 23PHYS 24153
 PHY 2049LGeneral Physics 2 Laboratory1PHYS 24191
Florida State UniversityPHY 2049General Physics5PHYS 24153
 PHY 2049LGeneral Physics Lab0PHYS 24191
Manatee Comm Coll-BradentonPHY 2048General Physics w/Calc I3PHYS 14253
 PHY 2048LGeneral Physics w/Calc I Lab1PHYS 14291
 PHY 2049General Physics w/Calc II3PHYS 24153
 PHY 2049LGeneral Physics w/Calc II Lab1PHYS 24191
University of FloridaCHM 2045General Chemistry 13CHEM 14103
 CHM 2045LGeneral Chemistry 1 Lab1CHEM 14111
 CHM 2046General Chemistry 23CHEM 14203
 CHM 2046LGeneral Chemistry 2 Lab1CHEM 14211
 PHY 2049Physics w/Calculus 23PHYS 24153
Georgia Institute of TechnologyAE 2120Intro to Mechanics (Statics)3CE/MAE 23003
 CHBE 2120CHE Numerical Methods3CHE 22163
 ISYE 3770Statistics & Applications3APMA 31103
 MATH 2401Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MATH 3215Probability & Statistics3APMA 31003
 ME 3322Thermodynamics3CHE 22023
 PHYS 2212Physics II3PHYS 24153
Georgia Perimeter Coll-DecaturPHYS 2212Prin of Physics II3PHYS 24153
 PHYS 2212LPrin of Physics II Lab1PHYS 24191
Georgia State UniversityMATH 2215Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
 PHYS 2212Prin of Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
Shorter UniversityMAT 4180Probability Theory4APMA 31003
Southern Polytechnic State UnivENGR 2214Statics3CE/MAE 23003
 ME 3410Thermodynamics3MAE 21003
University of Hawaii                                             PHYS 272              General Physics II                                         3               PHYS 2415                 3
                                                                              PHYS 272L            General Physics II Lab                                 1               PHYS 2419                 1
Boise State University                                         PHYS 212               Physics II w/Calc                                          3                PHYS 2415                 3
                                                                             PHYS 212L             Physics II w/Calc Lab                                  1                 PHYS 2419                1
College of DuPageCIS 2571Intro to Programming3CS 11103
 PHY 2112Physics for Science & Engineering II5PHYS 24153
College of Lake CountyMTH 146Calculus & Analytical Geo II4APMA 11104
Loyola University of ChicagoCHEM 223Organic Chemistry3CHEM 24103
 CHEM 225Organic Chemistry Lab1CHEM 24211
Oakton Comm College-Des PlainesMAT 252Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MAT 260Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
University of Illinois-UrbanaMATH 231Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 241Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MATH 415Applied Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
 MATH 461Probability Theory3APMA 31003
 PHYS 212University Physics: Elec & Mag4PHYS 2415/24193/1
College of Lake Cty-Grays LakeChemistry 123Chemistry II5CHEM 1420/14213/1
Johnson Cty Comm CollegeMATH 254Differential Equations4APMA 21304
 MATH 246Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
Louisiana State UniversityCHEM 2261Organic Chemistry3CHEM 24103
Louisiana TechMATH 405Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
Tulane UniversityPHYS 1320General Physics II4PHYS 24153
University of New OrleansMATH 2134Calculus III4APMA 21204
Anne Arundel Comm CollegeMAT 201Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
College of Southern MarylandMTH 1210Calculus II4APMA 11104
Howard Comm CollegeMATH 182Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 220Discrete Structures3CS 21203
 MATH 240Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MATH 250Linear Algebra4APMA 30803
Johns Hopkins UniversityMATH 302Differential Equations w/App4APMA 21304
Montgomery College, RockvilleCHEM 131Prin of Chemistry I w/Lab4CHEM 1410/14113/1
 CHEM 132Prin of Chemistry II w/Lab4CHEM 1420/14213/1
 MATH 280Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
 MATH 284Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
Townson UniversityCOSC 236Intro to Comp Sci I4CS 11103
 MATH 274Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 275Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MATH 330Intro to Statistical Methods4APMA 31203
 MATH 374Ordinary Diff Equations4APMA 21304
 PHYS 242General Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
United States Naval AcademyEE 301Electrical Fundamentals4ECE 23004
 SC 111Found. Of CHEM I w/Lab4CHEM 1410/14113/1
 SC 112Found. Of CHEM II w/Lab CHEM 1420/14213/1
 SI 204Intro to Comp Sci4CS 11103
 SI 221Data Structures3CS 21003
 SM 122Calculus II4APMA 11104
 SM 212Differential Equations4APMA 21304
 SM 221Calculus III w/Vector Fields4APMA 21204
 SP 211General Physics I4PHYS 1425/14293/1
 SP 212General Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
University of Maryland - Coll ParkCHBE 101Intro to Chem & Biomol Eng3CHE 22153
 CHBE 250Comp Methods in Chem Eng3CHE 22163
 CHBE 301Chem & Biomol Eng -Thermo3CHE 22023
 ENEE 324Engineering Probability3APMA 31003
 MATH 141Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 241Multivariable Calc. III4APMA 21204
 PHYS 141Principles of Physics4PHYS 1425/14293/1
 PHYS 142Principles of Physics4PHYS 2415/24193/1
Boston UniversityCAS MA 225Multivariable Calc. 4APMA 21204
Bunker Hill Community CollegePHY 252College Physics II4PHYS 24153
University of Massachusetts - AmherstMATH 132Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 233Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
 MATH 245Differential Equations4APMA 21304
 ENG 230Thermodynamics I3MAE 2100 
University of Massachusetts - BostonPHYS 114Fundamental of Physics II4PHYS 24153
University of Massachusetts - LowellMATH 2310Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
 PHYS 1440Physics II3PHYS 24153
Michigan State UniversityPHY 184BUniversity Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
Mississippi State UniversityPH 2223Physics II3PHYS 2415 3
Missouri Univ of Sci & TechPHY 155General Physics II w/Lab4PHYS 2415/24193/1
University of MissouriMATH 2000Calculus III5APMA 21204
University of New HampshireMATH 527Differential Equations4APMA 21304
Brookdale Comm CollegePHYS 122General Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
 MATH 273Calculus III4APMA 21204
Burlington Cty CollegeMATH 220Calculus III4APMA 21204
The College of New JerseyPHY 202General Physics II PHYS 24153
County College of MorrisMAT 132Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MAT 230Calculus III4APMA 21204
New Jersey Institute of Tech MATH 112Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 213Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MATH 222Differential Equations4APMA 21304
 MATH 333Probability & Statistics3APMA 31103
 MATH 337Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
Borough of Manhattan Comm CollMAT 302Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MAT 303Calculus III4APMA 21204
Farmingdale State CollegePHY 144General Physics II (Calculus)4PHYS 2415/24193/1
Finger Lakes Comm CollegePHYS 152University Physics II4PHYS 24153
Fordham UniversityMATH 2004Calculus III4APMA 21204
 PHYS 1702Physics II3PHYS 24153
 PHYS 1512Physics II Lab1PHYS 24191
Hofstra UniversityMATH 072Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 073Calculus III4APMA 21204
 PHYS 11AGeneral Physics I3PHYS 14253
 PHYS 11BGeneral Physics I Lab1PHYS 14291
 PHYS 12A General Physics II3PHYS 24153
 PHYS 12BGeneral Physics II Lab1PHYS 24191
Hudson Valley Comm CollegeMATH 190Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 210Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MATH 220Differential Equations4APMA 21304
Laguardia Community CollegeMAT 203Calculus III4APMA 21204
Monroe Comm CollegeMTH 211Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MTH 212Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MTH 220Discrete Math3CS 21203
 MTH 225Differential Equations4APMA 21304
 MTH 230Linear Algebra4APMA 30803
 PHY 154General Physics I w/Lab4PHYS 1425/14293/1
 PHY 155General Physics II w/Lab4PHYS 2415/24193/1
Nassau Comm CollegeMAT 123Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MAT 225Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
New York UniversityMATH-UA 233Theory of Probability4APMA 31003
Onondaga Community CollegeMAT 263Calculus III4APMA 21204
Purchase College State Univ MATH 1510Calculus II4APMA 11104
Queensborough Comm CollegePH 422General Calculus Physics B5PHYS 24153
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteENGR 2600Modeling & Analysis Uncertainty3APMA 31103
Stony Brook UniversityMATH 203Calculus III4APMA 21204
 PHY 132Physics II3PHYS 24153
 PHY 134Physics II Lab1PHYS 24191
University of RochesterMATH 142Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 163Differential Equations4APMA 21304
Westchester Community CollegeMATH 230Calculus III4APMA 21204
Durham Technical Comm CollegePHY 252General Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
NC State UniversityCSC 116Intro to Comp. Sci3CS 11103
 MA 241Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MA 242Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
 PY 205Physics for Engineers & Sci I3PHYS 14253
 PY 206Physics for Eng & Sci I Lab1PHYS 14291
 PY 208Physics for Engineers & Sci II3PHYS 24153
 PY 209Physics for Eng & Sci II Lab1PHYS 24191
Univ of North Carolina - Chapel HillMA 241Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MA 242Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
UNC - CharlotteMATH 2164Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
UNC - GreensboroCSC 130Intro to Computer Science3CS 11103
*will only transfer 3 of 4 creditsCSC 230Elementary Data Structures & Algo3CS 21004*
 CSC 250Foundations of Computer Science I3CS 21203
Sinclaire Community CollegeMAT 2280Calculus II5APMA 11104
Shawnee State UniversityMATH 2120Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 2130 Calculus III 4APMA 21204
 MATH 2300  Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
 MATH 3610  Probability3APMA 31003
University of CincinnatiMATH 252Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 253Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MATH 273Differential Equations5APMA 21304
University of ToledoMATH 2850Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
Xavier UniversityMATH 171Caculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 220Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MATH 240Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
 MATH 256Probability & Statistics3APMA 31103
Bucks County Comm CollegePHYS 122Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
C.C. of Allegheny CountyMAT 202 Calculus 24APMA 11104
Penn State UniversityMATH 230Calculus & Vector Analysis4APMA 21204
 MATH 251Ordinary & Partial Diff Equat4APMA 21304
 ME 320Fluid Mechanics3MAE 32103
Robert Morris UniversityPHYS 2210General Physics II3PHYS 24153
University of PittsburghPHYS 0175BASIC PHYS, SCIENCE AND ENG 24PHYS 24153
Westmoreland Cty Comm CollegeMTH 271Analytical Geom & Calc III4APMA 21204
Clemson UniversityMATH 2060Calculus of Several Variables4APMA 21204
University of South CarolinaMATH 142Calculus II4APMA 11104
 PHY 212General Physics II3PHYS 24153
Furman UniversityPHY 112General Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
Trident Technical CollegeMAT 242Differential Equations4APMA 21304
East Tennessee State UniversityPHYS 2120Tech PHYS II - Calc Based4PHYS 2415/24193/1
Nashville State Comm College PHYS 2120Tech PHYS II - Calc Based4PHYS 2415/24193/1
SW Tennessee Comm CollegePHYS 2120Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
University of TennesseeAE 341Fluid Mechanics3MAE 32103
 ME 344Heat Transfer3MAE 31403
Houston Community CollegePHYS 2326University Physics II3PHYS 24153
Rice UniversityMATH 142Calculus II4APMA 11104
Texas Tech UniversityME 2301Statics3MAE 23003
 ME 2302Dynamics3MAE 23203
University of HoustonMATH 2433Calculus III4APMA 21204
University of North TexasMATH 1710Calculus I4APMA 10904
*will only transfer 3 of 4 creditsMATH 1720Calculus II3APMA 11104*
 PHYS 2220Electr & Magnet3PHYS 24153
 PHYS 2240Elec & Magnet Lab1PHYS 24191
University of Texas, San AntonioMATH 1223Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 2214Calculus III4APMA 21204
 PHY 1943Physics for Scientists & Engr I3PHYS 14253
 PHY 1951Physics I Lab1PHYS 14291
 PHY 1963Physics for Scientists & Engr II3PHYS 24153
 PHY 1971Physics II Lab1PHYS 24191

Virginia Community College System (Blue Ridge C.C., Brightpoint C.C., Camp C.C., Central Virginia C.C., Danville C.C., Eastern Shore C.C., Germanna C.C., Laurel Ridge C.C., Mountain Empire C.C., Mountain Gateway C.C., New River C.C., Northern Virginia C.C., Patrick Henry C.C., Piedmont Virginia C.C., Rappahannock C.C., Reynolds C.C., Southside C.C., Southwest Virginia C.C., Tidewater C.C., Virginia Highlands C.C., Virginia Peninsula C.C., Virginia Western C.C., Wytheville C.C.

(courses approved for all Virginia C.C.'s)

 BIO 101General Biology I4BIOL 21004
 CHM 111General Chemistry I4CHEM 1410/14113/1
 CHM 112General Chemistry II4CHEM 1420/14213/1
 CHM 241Organic Chemistry I3CHEM 24103
 CHM 242Organic Chemistry II3CHEM 24203
 CHM 245Organic Chemistry Lab I2CHEM 23111
 CIV 240Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics3CE 32103
 CIV 280Intro to Environmental Engineering3CE 21003
(Has been replaced with CSC 221)CSC 201Computer Science I4CS 11103
(Has been replaced with CSC 223)CSC 202Computer Science II4CS 21004
 CSC 205Computer Organization3CS 2000T3
 CSC 208Intro to Discrete Structures3CS 21203
*will only transfer 3 of 4 creditsCSC 215Computer Systems3CS 21304*
 CSC 221Intro to Problem Solving & Programm3CS 11103
 CSC 223Data Structures & Analysis of Algo4CS 21004
 EGR 110Engineering Graphics2MAE 20401
 EGR 115Engineering Graphics2MAE 20401
 EGR 121/122Foundations of Eng./Eng. Design2/3ENGR 10104
 EGR 125Intro to Engineering Methods4CS 11103
 EGR 126Computer Programming for Eng.3CS 11103
 EGR 140Solid Mechanics (Statics)3CE/MAE 23003
 EGR 206Engineering Economics3CE 20201
 EGR 240Engr. Mechanics - Statics3CE/MAE 23003
 EGR 245Eng. Mechanics - Dynamics3CE/MAE 23203
 EGR 246Mechanics of Materials3CE/MAE 23103
 EGR 248Thermodynamics for Engrs.3MAE 21003
 EGR 251/255Basic Electric Circuits I/Lab3/1ECE 26304
 EGR 265Digital Elec. & Logic Design4ECE 23303
 EGR 270Fund. of Computer Engr.4ECE 23303
 EGR 271Electric Circuits I4ECE 23003
 EGR 272Electric Circuits II4ECE 27003
 EGR 277Digital Logic4ECE 23303
 MTH 263Calculus I4APMA 10904
 MTH 264Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MTH 265Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MTH 266Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
*will only transfer 3 of 4 creditsMTH 267Differential Equations3APMA 21304*
 MTH 288Discrete Mathematics3CS 21203
 PHY 231University Physics I5PHYS 1425/14293/1
 PHY 232University Physics II5PHYS 2415/24193/1
 PHY 241University Physics I4PHYS 1425/14293/1
 PHY 242University Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
Christopher Newport UniversityCPSC 150/LIntro to Programming4CS 11103
 PHYS 201General Physics I3PHYS 14253
 PHYS 201LGeneral Physics I Lab1PHYS 14291
 PHYS 202General Physics II3PHYS 24153
 PHYS 202LGeneral Physics II Lab1PHYS 24191
College of William & MaryMATH 112Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 213Multivariable Calculus for Sci 4APMA 21204
George Mason UniversityBIOL 103Introductory Biology4BIOL 21004
 CHEM 211General Chemistry I3CHEM 14103
 CHEM 213General Chemistry I Lab1CHEM 14111
 CHEM 212General Chemisty II3CHEM 14203
 CHEM 214General Chemisty II Lab1CHEM 14211
 CS 112Intro to Computer Programming4CS 11103
 CS 450Database Concepts3CS 47503
 MATH 114Analytic Geo & Calc II4APMA 11104
 MATH 203Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
 MATH 351Probability3APMA 31003
 PHYS 160University Physics I3PHYS 14253
 PHYS 161University Physics I Lab1PHYS 14291
 SYST 101Understanding Systems Engr3SYS 20013
 SYST 335Discrete Sys Modeling & Simulation3SYS 30623
James Madison UniversityMATH 236Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 237Calculus III4APMA 21204
Old Dominion UniversityCHEM 121NFound. Of Chemistry I3CHEM 14103
 CHEM 122NFound. Of Chemistry I Lab1CHEM 14111
 CHEM 123NFound. Of Chemistry II3CHEM 14203
 CHEM 124NFound. Of Chemistry II Lab1CHEM 14211
 MATH 212Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 312Calculus III4APMA 21204
 MATH 316Intro Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
 PHYS 231NUniversity Physics I4PHYS 1425/14293/1
 PHYS 232NUniversity Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
Richard Bland CollegeCHEM 101General Chemistry3CHEM 14103
 CHEM 101LGeneral Chemistry Lab1CHEM 14111
 CSCI 221Computer Programming I4CS 11103
 CSCI 222Computer Programming II4CS 2000T 3
 MATH 211Discrete Mathematics3CS 21203
 MATH 251Calculus I4APMA 10904
 MATH 252Calculus II4APMA 11104
 MATH 261Multivariable Calculus 4APMA 21204
Virginia Commonwealth Univ. CHEM 101General Chemistry3CHEM 14103
 CHEZ 101General Chemistry Lab I1CHEM 14111
 CHEM 102General Chemistry II3CHEM 14203
 CHEZ 102General Chemistry Lab II1CHEM 14211
 ENGR 101Intro to Engineering4ENGR 16244
 MATH 201Calculus with Analytic Geom.4APMA 11104
 MATH 307Multivariable Calculus4APMA 21204
 MATH 310Linear Algebra3APMA 30803
 PHYS 207University Physics I5PHYS 1425/14293/1
 PHYS 208University Physics II5PHYS 2415/24193/1
Virginia TechCHEM 1035General Chemistry3CHEM 14103
 CHEM 1045General Chemistry Lab1CHEM 14111
 CHEM 1036General Chemistry3CHEM 14203
 CHEM 1046General Chemistry Lab1CHEM 14211
 PHYS 2305Found. Of Physics I4PHYS 1425/14293/1
 PHYS 2306Found. Of Physics II4PHYS 2415/24193/1
University of WisconsinMAT 222Calculus & Analytical Geo II5APMA 11104
 MAT 223Calculus & Analytical Geo III4APMA 21204