We are a highly ranked engineering school within the top-ranked University of Virginia, offering vibrant and diverse opportunities for faculty and students alike.

  • Our history

    We are the fourth university-level engineering school in the nation, founded in 1836. We are an integral part of the nearly 200-year-old University of Virginia, which was established to be an epicenter of ingenuity and knowledge creation.

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  • Our reputation

    UVA Engineering is among the top-ranked engineering schools in the country - one of U.S. News & World Report's top-25 public engineering schools that offer both undergraduate and graduate programs - and all of our departments are also among the top-ranked in their disciplines. We leverage our collaboration with UVA's top-ranked schools of business, medicine, law and public policy to provide our students and faculty with broad-ranging opportunities for education and research. We are the top public engineering school in the country for our percentage of women seeking undergraduate engineering degrees, among schools with at least 75 engineering degree-earners.

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  • Our commitment to diversity

    UVA Engineering defines diversity as excellence expressing itself through the perspectives and lived experiences of all people. Although we are focused on building a strong population of women and others who are underrepresented in engineering, we believe we must maximize the talents and ideas of all in order to achieve our mission and vision for education and research.

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  • Our faculty

    Our faculty

    UVA Engineering employs approximately 182 tenured or tenure-track faculty, in addition to our oustanding academic general faculty, all supporting excellent research and teaching. Our size is an advantage, allowing faculty to collaborate and students to receive personalized attention with many opportunities for hands-on learning.

  • Our students

    Our students

    We attract exceptional students. Among our first-year undergraduate classes, most were at the tops of their high school graduating classes. We average approximately 34% women among undergrads, compared to the national average of 21%, making UVA Engineering the top public engineering school in the country in terms of the proportion of women earning engineering degrees, among schools with at least 75 engineering degree-earners. We also are among the fastest-growing Ph.D. programs in the country because we are a top choice for globally competitive grad students.

  • Our research

    UVA Engineering attracted $86 million in sponsored research awards in fiscal year 2021, a 95% increase since fiscal year 2016. We constantly imagine a better world. Our researchers create the knowledge and technologies to tackle the world's biggest challenges.

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