Department Chairs

portrait of Scott Acton

Scott Acton

Professor and Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering
portrait of Rosalyn Berne

Rosalyn W. Berne

Professor and Chair, Engineering & Society
portrait of Sandhya Dwarkadas

Sandhya Dwarkadas

Professor and Chair, Computer Science
portrait of William Epling

William Epling

Professor and Chair, Chemical Engineering
portrait of Devin K. Harris

Devin K. Harris

Professor and Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering
portrait of Richard W. Kent

Richard W. Kent

Professor and Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
portrait of Shayn Peirce-Cottler

Shayn Peirce-Cottler

Professor and Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Stacie Pisano headshot

Stacie Pisano

Director, Center for Applied Mathematics
portrait of Elizabeth Opila

Elizabeth Opila

Professor and Chair, Materials Science and Engineering
portrait of  William T. Scherer

William T. Scherer

Professor and Chair, Systems and Information Engineering Director, Accelerated Masters Degree Program

Associate Deans and Executive Directors

Warren Buford

Warren Buford

Executive Director of Development
portrait of William H. Guilford

William H. Guilford

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
portrait of Meara M. Habashi

Meara M. Habashi

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
portrait of Susan Klobuchar

Susan Klobuchar

Executive Director of Strategic Communications
portrait of Anne C. Kromkowski

Anne C. Kromkowski

Senior Associate Dean and Chief Operations Officer
Portrait of Brian L. Smith

Brian L. Smith, PE

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Research Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
portrait of James A. Smith

James A. Smith

Associate Dean for Graduate Programs Henry L. Kinnier Professor of Civil Engineering

Assistant Deans

David Chen headshot

David Chen

Assistant Dean for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships, UVA Engineering Managing Director, Wallace H. Coulter Center for Translational Research Instructor, Biomedical Engineering
portrait of Amy Clobes

Amy Clobes

Assistant Dean for Graduate Affairs
Jeff Fox Headshot

Jeffrey J. Fox

Assistant Dean for Research
portrait of Lisa Lampe

Lisa Lampe

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
Portrait of Julia Lapan

Julia Lapan

Assistant Dean for Career Development

Faculty and Staff Council Representatives

portrait of Michelle D. Busby

Michelle D. Busby

Staff Council Representative Director of Operations, Civil and Environmental Engineering
portrait of Matthew J. Lazzarra

Matthew J. Lazzarra

Faculty Senate Representative Professor of Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering