Photo illustration of autonomous connected vehicles on the road

Innovating Transportation

THE CENTER FOR TRANSPORTATION STUDIES (CTS) is the focal point for education, training and service in transportation engineering at the University of Virginia.  Our mission is to improve transportation through innovative education and development of future transportation leaders, and to provide practical, relevant, career-building training for transportation professionals. Our integration within the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment, home to programs in civil, environmental and systems engineering, also provides a direct connection to world-class researchers and educators.

We pursue our mission through:

Education for the Transportation Community

  • Ensuring local transportation providers have the skills and knowledge needed to achieve safe, efficient and sustainable transportation systems and infrastructure
  • Offering customized professional training programs designed to support practicing transportation professionals
  • Providing internship programs both internally and in partnership with other organizations

Service to Transportation Stakeholders

  • Supporting local, state, and federal government agencies on transportation initiatives
  • Actively participating in professional societies
  • Providing general transportation information to the public

Research Engagement and Scholarship

  • Connecting stakeholders with research partnerships
  • Working cooperatively and collaboratively with other research organizations and disciplines
  • Investing in technologies that support transportation research