Undergraduate Scholarships

Currently enrolled full-time engineering students are eligible for a number of scholarship opportunities. In a typical year, we provide an average of $360K in scholarship aid.

Recently admitted students should not apply here. Relevant scholarships for incoming students will be awarded by the Scholarship Committee and the Office of Admission. No application is necessary.

For Current Students

Our scholarship application opens annually in the spring semester, with a disbursement of funds divided over two semesters of the next academic year. Students graduating after one semester may only receive one semester of funding.

The application period starts February 6, 2023 and ends on March 2, 2023.

Current students should apply through AcademicWorks and complete the School of Engineering Application under the "My Applications" tab. By filling out the School of Engineering Application, students will be considered for all undergraduate engineering scholarships and do not need to apply to an individual scholarship.

Additional Financial and Student Resources

Beyond scholarships, students may also need occasional support and assistance with needs including food, textbooks, or legal services. Resources are available from the University and the School of Engineering and Applied Science  in a variety of ways.  

  • Hoo Needs Help

    Hoo Needs Help is a partnership between the Division of Student Affairs and Student Financial Services, designed to provide emergency financial support to students in need. Aid may come in a variety of forms, including grants, loans and/or university and community resources. Hoo Needs Help exists to support students who need assistance with unexpected, unforeseen, and unavoidable emergency expenses. 

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  • Textbook Access Office

    The Textbook Access Office is a program for low-income and first-generation students to request specific titles and check out textbooks free of charge. Students can receive grants for loanable textbook purchases and/or borrow textbooks that should be returned at the end of the semester. Textbooks are now open for requesting and reserving for the duration of the spring semester. Here are some links to check out what we currently have available and a way to request and put on hold textbooks you’d like to borrow for the semester: TAO Inventory List, request form for unavailable books, and a hold form for available books. For more information, please visit website here and contact studco-textbook-access@virginia.edu

  • Community Food Pantry

    The UVA Community Food Pantry (CFP) a student-run pantry open to UVA undergraduate and graduate students, and staff. The CFP provides essential food and hygiene products and is located in the Student Activities Center on the 1st floor of Newcomb Hall, across from the Bank of America.

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  • Accommodations Access Fund

    The Accommodations Access Fund (AAF) is a fund for low-income students who are applying for SDAC Accommodations and are unable to cover the cost of testing or specialists. This fund can be applied to and used in a spectrum of ways such as learning disability support, tutoring fees, and administrative fees for specialist testing and other resources. For more information, please contact the AAF Director, Sarah Abdulali at studco-accommodations-access@virginia.edu. More information on SDAC and services they offer can be found on the SDAC Website.

  • UVA Mutual Aid

    UVA Mutual Aid is a collective of community members working to support students by offering modest no-strings-attached grants. If you would like to support our mission please donate through Venmo (@UVAMutualAid), PayPal, or contact us for other methods. We open grant distribution rounds in $5,000 increments, and during active rounds, students can request aid through our form here. Our request form is currently closed. For more information, please contact Sarandon Elliott at studco-uva-mutual-aid@virginia.edu.

  • Next Steps Fund

    The Next Steps Fund provides up to four fully subsidized therapy sessions for University of Virginia students with counselors outside of the University’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) department. For more information, please visit our website here or contact studco-next-steps@virginia.edu.

  • Student Legal Services

    Student Legal Services provides low-cost, confidential, legal assistance to UVA undergraduate and graduate students. We provide legal help on a wide variety of legal matters, including representation in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area. No fee is charged for consultations. All fees are minimal. For more information, please visit our website here, or call Lester Wilson III at 434-924-7524.

  • Student Financial Services

    In addition to serving all eligible students through financial aid, Student Financial Services provides an array of financial wellness and personal finance resources, including Peer Financial Counseling and other resources.