Safety Inspections

Unannounced safety inspections of each lab are conducted periodically (typically once a semester) by the Safety Committee to help maintain a safe, healthy, and compliant lab environment across the department. The inspection team is composed of members of the Safety Committee. Significant safety non-conformances should be addressed immediately, or in cases where they cannot, interim risk reduction measures must be agreed upon with the Committee. Results of the inspection are summarized in a report directed to the Department Chair, with copies distributed to the UVA Chemical Engineering community.

In addition, faculty advisors or their designated group supervisor are responsible for routine monitoring of their assigned laboratory space and of students, research staff, and visitors occupying that space. EHS has developed a Laboratory Safety Self-Assessment Guide to aid you in your self-assessment and can be found in the following link.

Laboratory Safety Self-Asessment Guidance

The laboratory safety checklist can be found in Appendix C.

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