Summer Course Offering 2024

Summer Session II and III (June 17 - August 9)

Courses Offered
Dive into the world of Chemical Engineering with the University of Virginia's 2024 Summer Session program. We are delighted to present the initial two courses of the Chemical Engineering sequence to get you on the fast track to success. 

Material and Energy Balance (CHE2215)

  • Introduces core concepts in the field of chemical engineering including material and energy balances, which describe the redistribution of mass and energy that occurs during any manufacturing or physical process.
  • UVA Summer Session II, available both in-person and on-line runs from June 17 to July 13.

Modeling and Simulation in Chemical Engineering (CHE2216)

  • Provides the mathematical and computational tools required for analysis and simulation of chemical processes and physiochemical phenomena. 
  • UVA Summer Session III, available both in-person and on-line runs from July 15 -August 9.

Contact Information:

George Prpich

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Lakeshia J. Taite

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Academic General Faculty, Research Track

Lakeshia Taite designs biomaterials to create cell-instructive microenvironments that encourage tissue growth or regeneration.