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We start with a focus on biology.

Whether we are modeling or engineering cells and tissues, analyzing large datasets, developing new imaging technologies, or synthesizing novel biomaterials, the problem statement always starts with the biology underlying the system, therapy, or disease process.

Our co-location within the highly-ranked UVA School of Medicine and UVA Health System uniquely positions us to influence the future of healthcare. Our culture values and rewards collaboration, initiative, and the translation of basic advances to achieve clinical and real world impact. In all that we do, we value and strive for diversity and inclusion.

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Our Faculty

Thumbnail of Chongzhi Zang, Ph.D.
Phone: 434-243-5397

Chongzhi Zang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, and Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Research Areas
  • Biomedical Data Sciences
  • Bioinformatics Methodology Development
  • Epigenetics and Chromatin Biology
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Thumbnail of Mami Taniuchi
Phone: 434-924-5575

Mami Taniuchi

Associate Professor of Medicine: Infectious Diseases and International Health, Joint Appointments in Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Systems and Environment

Research Areas
  • Molecular diagnostics; Polio eradication; tracking immunity and virus shedding after oral polio vaccination in resource-challenged countries.
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Thumbnail of George Joseph Christ
Phone: ​434-924-5794

George Joseph Christ

Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery, Mary Muilenburg Stamp Professor of Orthopaedic Research, Director of Basic and Translational Research in Orthopaedic Surgery, Fellow of AIMBE

Research Areas
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Advanced Biomanufacturing
  • Engineered Soft Biomaterials
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Biomedical Engineering's Candid Conversations

An ongoing series of inclusive discussions about race, LGBTQ+ identity, disability and other identities, led by the graduate student chairs of the department's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee

  • # 1

    For percentage of women earning BME PhD degrees among programs our size or larger (2019)

  • # 1

    For percentage of women earning BME BS degrees among programs our size or larger (2019)

  • $ 13 M

    Nearly $13M in total research expenditures (2019 and 2018)

  • 24 %

    Incoming PhDs who are underrepresented students in Engineering (2020 and 2019)