We Engineer to Empower

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering and computer engineering, the latter jointly administered with the Department of Computer Science. We also offer a minor in electrical engineering that is available to all University of Virginia students.

  • Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering

    Electrical engineering is a rapidly expanding field, encompassing many of our department’s research strengths including communications, signal and image processing, hardware for artificial intelligence and the internet of things, microelectronics and control systems. Our degree programs provide a strong preparation in traditional electrical engineering, with maximum flexibility to accommodate student interests and current technological developments.

    Undergraduate Program | Graduate Program

  • Computer Engineering

    Computer Engineering

    Computer engineering is an exciting field that spans electrical engineering and computer science. Students learn and practice the design and analysis of computer systems, including both hardware and software aspects and their integration. Our degree programs prepare students to design and innovate technologies including electronic consumer products, robotics, medical devices and control systems and advance telecommunications, financial and IT industries.

    Undergraduate Program | Graduate Program