ECE Photonics Research

We lead in photodetector research on high-speed, high-power photodiodes and low noise avalanche photodiodes.

We have a rising program in microresonators and modeling and fabrication of photonic integrated circuits, and a well established strength in laser applications that enable improved performance of photonic devices.


  • Andreas Beling

    Andreas Beling

    Andreas Beling, professor of electrical and computer engineering, leads the optoelectric device group, whose members focus on photonic devices and integrated photonic technologies for optical communications, sensing, and the emerging field of microwave photonics.

    Profile | Optoelectronic Device Group

  • Steven M. Bowers

    Steven M. Bowers

    Steven M. Bowers, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, leads the Integrated Electromagnetics, Circuits and Systems Lab. His group focuses on microwave to THz systems for the Internet of Things, biomedical imaging, security and communication.

    ProfileIntegrated Electromagnetics, Circuits, and Systems Lab

  • Joe Campbell

    Joe Campbell

    Joe Campbell, Lucien Carr Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, leads the photonic devices group. They develop novel optoelectronic devices with an emphasis on high-sensitivity photodetectors such as avalanche photodiodes and high-power photodiodes.

    Profile | Photonic Devices Group

  • Avik Ghosh

    Avik Ghosh

    Avik Ghosh, professor of electrical and computer engineering and professor of physics, leads the Virginia nano-computing research group to understand non-equilibrium properties of nano-scale material structures using high performance computational resources.

    ProfileVirginia Nano-Computing Research Group

  • Mool Gupta

    Mool Gupta

    Mool Gupta, Langley Distinguished Professor of electrical and computer engineering, leads the high-power laser processing and photonic device group's research in high power laser applications for solar cell manufacturing, thermal solar, thermophotovoltaics, quantum dots based solar concentrators and laser microtexturing of surfaces.

    Profile | Gupta Research Group

  • Kyusang Lee

    Kyusang Lee

    Kyusang Lee, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and materials science and engineering, leads the thin-film device lab in the use of organic and inorganic materials in optoelectronic devices, with a particular emphasis on applications for solar energy conversion and imaging.

    Profile | Thin Film Device Lab

  • Xu Yi

    Xu Yi

    Xu Yi, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and assistant professor of physics by courtesy, leads the microphotonics group. His research group explores novel physics and applications of optical microresonators and optical frequency combs.

    Profile | Yi Photonics Lab

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