• Happy Birthday!

    At 5 Years Old, UVA Engineering’s 3-D Printing Lab is a Prodigy

    UVA Engineering’s Rapid Prototyping 3-D Printing Lab is celebrating its fifth birthday, and the lab has proven itself a prodigy with ongoing advances in education and research.

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  • Beaming Smiles, Bright Futures

    UVA Engineering Celebrates 2016 Graduates

    On Sunday, May 22, 2016, UVA Engineering celebrated 821 students who earned engineering degrees, including 628 undergraduate students, 136 master’s degree students, and 57...

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  • Taking Off

    Flight Simulator Allows Engineering Students to Experience the Aerodynamics They Study

    UVA Engineering students in Professor James McDaniel's “Flight Vehicle Dynamics” course now have the opportunity to experience flight in the same type of simulator used to...

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  • Ready for Liftoff

    NASA Chooses UVA AE Students to Build Satellite

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Professor Christopher Goyne’s class is beginning work on a softball-size satellite – called a CubeSat – that within a couple of years will be...

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  • Bio-Inspired Design

    Challenging the Fundamentals of Physics

    In an effort to create highly maneuverable micro air vehicles (MAVs) that can perform such feats, research scientists have been developing and testing a myriad of MAV prototypes...

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  • Closing the Knowledge Gap

    Associate Professor Haibo Dong and His Team Study the Aerodynamics of Micro Air Vehicles

    Haibo Dong, associate professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, and his team are closing the knowledge gap regarding aerodynamics of micro air vehicles.

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  • Bringing STEM to Life

    UVA Team Receives Governor’s Programs that Work Award

    On January 19, Gov. Terry McAuliffe presented the BLAST team (Building Leaders for Advancing Science and Technology) with a “Programs that Work” award during the Virginia...

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  • Faculty Research Retreat

    Hot on the Trail of the Next Big Idea

    The faculty of the UVA School of Engineering and Applied Science are working together to identify the best big ideas to pursue next.

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  • A Powerful Idea

    UVA-Led Team to Develop Offshore Wind Turbines to Withstand Extreme Weather

    In 15 years, a forest of giant wind turbines – able to protect themselves in severe weather by folding in their rotor blades like palm trees in a hurricane – could be planted off...

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  • Improving Jet Engines

    Paving the Way for Hypersonic Propulsion

    The Air Force Office of Scientific Research have joined forces with the National Science Foundation in awarding mechanical and aerospace engineering Professor Harsha Chelliah a $1...

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