​B.A. in Mathematics, University of Chicago, 1992Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Virginia, 2002

"I try to convey to my students that math isn't just a body of knowledge. Math provides problem-solving skills that will carry over to any discipline."

Bernard Ives Fulgham, Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics

Bernard Fulgham received his PhD in Mathematics in 2002, writing his thesis in the field of non-associative algebras with advisor Kevin McCrimmon. He began teaching Applied Mathematics at the University of Virginia in August 2004 and became a full-time Assistant Professor in 2006.


  • National Merit Scholar 1988
  • Project NExT Fellowship, Mathematical Association of America 2002

Selected Publications

  • “The scalar center for quadratic Jordan algebras,” Communications in Algebra, 2003 Bernard Ives Fulgham
  • “The Capelli operator and the centroid of rectangular matrices,” Communications in Algebra, 2002 Bernard Ives Fulgham

Courses Taught

  • APMA 1090: Calculus I
  • APMA 1110: Calculus II
  • APMA 2120: Calculus III
  • APMA 2130: Ordinary Differential Equations
  • APMA 3080: Linear Algebra
  • APMA 3100: Probability
  • APMA 3110: Probability & Statistics

Featured Grants & Projects

  • Hybrid Challenge Grant

    University of Virginia, 2013

  • Nucleus Grant

    University of Virginia, 2015

  • Educational Innovation Award

    University of Virginia, 2016

  • Educational Innovation Award

    University of Virginia, 2017

  • Educational Innovation Award

    University of Virginia, 2018