• Chongzhi Zang

    Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, and Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
    Headshot of Chongzhi Zang

    Dr. Chongzhi Zang is an associate professor and resident faculty member in the Center for Public Health Genomics, University of Virginia. He holds faculty appointments in the Departments of Public Health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, and Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics.

  • Giovanni Zangari headshot photo

    Giovanni Zangari's research interests focus on the fundamental understanding of electrochemical deposition phenomena and how atomistic processes determine microstructure and properties of materials.

  • Mona Zebarjadi

    Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
    Mona Zebarjadi

    Mona Zebarjadi is a joint professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering Departments at the University of Virginia, where she is leading the Energy Science and Nanotechnology Lab (ESNL). 

  • Aidong Zhang

    Thomas M. Linville Professor Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, and Data Science
    Currently Recruiting
    headshot of Aidong Zhang

    Aidong Zhang develops machine learning and data science approaches to modeling and analysis of structured and unstructured data with a variety of applications, especially biological and biomedical applications. Her research interests focus on machine learning, data mining, bioinformatics and health informatics.

  • Qiaochu Zhang

    Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Starting Fall 2024
    Qiaochu Zhang's research includes analog, mixed-signal, RF integrated circuits, computer-aided design algorithms, advanced mixed-signal computing architecture, and integrated systems with emerging devices. Qiaochu received his B.S. degree (Hons.) in physics from Fudan University…
  • Shangtong Zhang

    Assistant Professor, Computer Science
    Shangtong Zhang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia. Prior to joining UVA, he received his DPhil degree at the University of Oxford, MSc degree at the University of Alberta, and BSc degree at Fudan University. The goal of his…
  • Miaomiao Zhang

    Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor, Computer Science
    Miaomiao Zhang

    Professor Zhang completed her PhD in computer science at the University of Utah. She was a postdoctoral associate in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • Leonid V. Zhigilei

    Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Academic Advisor, MSE Virginia Engineering Online Program
    Leonid V. Zhigilei

    Leonid Zhigilei is a professor of materials science and engineering at the University of Virginia.

  • Bi-Cheng Zhou

    Assistant Professor
    Headshot of Bi-Cheng Zhou

    Prof. Bi-Cheng Zhou's research interests lie in computational thermodynamics and kinetics of materials. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2015 in MSE with a minor in computational science and a subsequent one-year postdoc from the Pennsylvania State University, both under the guidance of Prof. Zi-Kui Liu.

  • Eli Zunder

    Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
    headshot of Eli Zunder

    Eli Zunder analyzes stem cell fate using single cell mass cytometry and high-dimensional modeling of cell lineage trajectories. He received his Ph.D. in Biophysics from UCSF in 2009.