B.S. ​Chemical Physics University of Reading, UK, 1974Ph.D. ​Physics, University of Reading, UK, 1979

"My research has created materials that increase fuel efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, and saved lives by providing better ballistic impact protection."

Haydn N. Wadley, University Professor

Dr. Wadley has very broad interests in materials science, mechanics and thermal transport. His current research explores high temperature thermal protection systems (thermal barrier coatings, liquid metal heat plates for hypersonic vehicle leading edges, jet blast deflectors) and new materials for the mitigation of high intensity dynamic loads (ballistic and blast protection materials and structures).

Research Interests

  • Microscale Heat Transfer
  • Nanoelectronics and 2-D Materials
  • Corrosion and Electrochemical Sciences and Engineering
  • Intelligent Processing of Materials
  • Metallurgy
  • High Temperature Materials Science and Oxides
  • Computation Materials Science
  • Nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing
  • Advanced materials for transportation applications

Selected Publications

  • "Defect Controlled Transverse Compressive Strength of Polyethylene Fiber Laminates", International Journal of Solids and Structures, 52, p. 130-149. 2013 M.R. O'Masta, V.S. Deshpande, H.N.G. Wadley
  • "Molten Silicate Interactions with Thermal Barrier Coatings", Surface and Coatings Technology, 251, p. 74-86. 2014 Hengbei Zhao, Carlos G. Levi, Haydn N.G. Wadley
  • "Thermal Barrier Coating Deposition by Rarefied Gas Jet Assisted Processes: Simulations of Deposition on a Stationary Airfoil", Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, 31, p. 061509 1-14. 2013 Theron M. Rodgers, Hengbei Zhao, Haydn N.G. Wadley
  • “Quasi-static Deformation and Failure Modes of Composite Square Honeycombs”, Journal of Mechanics, Materials and Structures, Volume 3, No. 7, 2008 B.P. Russell, V.S. Deshpande, and H.N.G. Wadley
  • “Atomic Assembly of Cu/Ta Multilayers” Surface Roughness, Grain Structure, Misfit Dislocation and Amorphization”, Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 104, pp. 034310, 2008 M.F. Francis, X.W. Zhou, J.J. Quan and H.N.G. Wadley
  • "Multifunctional Periodic Cellular Metals”, Proc Roy. Soc. A, 364, pp.31-68, 2006 H.N.G. Wadley
  • “Morphology and Thermal Conductivity of Yittria Stabilized Zirconia Coatings”, Acta Materialia, 54, pp. 5195-5207, 2006 Hengbei Zhao, Fengling Yu, Ted D. Bennett, and Haydn N.G. Wadley
  • “NiAl Bond Coats Made by a Directed Vapor Depositon Approach”, Materials Science & Engineering A, Vol. 394, pp. 43-52, 2005 Z. Yu, D.D. Hass, and H.N.G. Wadley