Ph.D. ​Physics, University of Reading, UKB.S. ​Chemical Physics University of Reading, UK

"My research expands the frontiers of materials science by designing, processing, characterizing and modeling high temperature materials,thermal and environmental barrier coatings and microarchitectured materials to reduce the environmental impact of engineering systems."

Haydn N. Wadley, University Professor

HAYDN N. G. WADLEY is a University Professor and the Edgar A. Starke Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Virginia. He has broad interests in materials science, composite materials, micromechanics and thermal transport. His current research explores high temperature thermal and environmental coatings systems, microarchitectured materials including those with lattice and inverse opal topologies, entropy stabilized refractory metal alloys and rare earth silicates. This work has addressed many fundamental questions associated with the atomic assembly of nanoscopic materials from the vapor phase, the topological structuring of cellular materials, and the processing of high temperature coatings and composites. His research has contributed to the improved design of thermal and environmental barrier coatings for gas turbine engine applications, liquid metal heat plates for hypersonic vehicle leading edges, passive jet blast deflector concepts, and numerous materials and structures for the mitigation of high intensity dynamic (ballistic impact and blast shock) loads.

Research Interests

  • High Temperature Materials Design
  • Materials synthesis and processing
  • Combinatorial synthesis and high throughput screening
  • Environmental and thermal barrier coatings
  • Microarchitectured lattice materials
  • Opal crystal growth
  • Impact/shock mitigation
  • Thermal properties of ceramics
  • Radiative transport processes in oxides and silicates

Selected Publications

  • Hafnium silicate formation during oxidation of a permeable silicon+ HfO2 powder composite system, Acta Materialia 201, 448-461, 2020 JA Deijkers, HNG Wadley
  • Evolution of microstructure and thermal conductivity of multifunctional environmental barrier coating systems, Materials Today Physics, 10030, 2000 DH Olson, JA Deijkers, K Quiambao-Tomko, JT Gaskins, BT Richards, P Hopkins and H. Wadley
  • Response of ytterbium disilicate–silicon environmental barrier coatings to thermal cycling in water vapor, Acta Materialia 106, 1-14, 2016 BT Richards, KA Young, F de Francqueville, S Sehr, MR Begley, HNG Wadley
  • Structure, composition, and defect control during plasma spray deposition of ytterbium silicate coatings, Journal of materials science 50 (24), 7939-7957, 2015 BT Richards, H Zhao, HNG Wadley
  • A microfabrication approach for making metallic mechanical metamaterials, Materials & Design 160, 147-16, 2018 L Dong, WP King, M Raleigh, HNG Wadley
  • Mechanical metamaterials at the theoretical limit of isotropic elastic stiffness, Nature 543 (7646), 533-537, 2017 JB Berger, HNG Wadley, RM McMeeking
  • Toward ultralight high-strength structural materials via collapsed carbon nanotube bonding, Carbon 156, 538-548, 2020 BD Jensen, JW Kim, G Sauti, KE Wise, L Dong, HNG Wadley, JG Park, E Siochi
  • Compressive response of a 3D non-woven carbon-fibre composite, International Journal of Solids and Structures 136, 137-149, 2018 S Das, K Kandan, S Kazemahvazi, HNG Wadley, VS Deshpande
  • Heat Pipe Thermal Management at Hypersonic Vehicle Leading Edges: A Low-Temperature Model Study, Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications 11 (6), 2019 SD Kasen, HNG Wadley