Highly magnified image of material sample

Intelligent Processing of Materials

Haydn Wadley's research group brings this fundamental materials perspective to the design and development of new high performance materials.

This group focuses upon fundamental aspects of materials synthesis and processing, and the unraveling of linkages between the process created thermal, chemical and mechanical environment, the materials evolving 3D structure and its eventual performance. This approach to materials design and manufacturing therefore combines structure property relationships (to identify the optimal 3D material states needed for particular applications) with process modeling, non-invasive in-situ sensing and model predictive control to make materials whose internal microstructure states are optimized.

The remarkable contributions DARPA made to materials science

The remarkable contributions DARPA made to materials science

Learn more about the role UVA played in the history of DARPA, featuring Professor Haydn Wadley and his research group's work on the IPM approach to materials processing.