B.S. ​Ohio Northern University, 2005Ph.D. ​Michigan State University, 2011

"My students and I conduct research in Cyber-Human Systems (CHSs), which couple humans and computing to advance human capabilities and wellbeing."

Matthew S. Gerber, Assistant Professor of Systems and Information Engineering

Prof. Gerber joined the University of Virginia faculty in 2011. He conducts research in Cyber-Human Systems (CHSs), which couple humans and computing to advance human capabilities and wellbeing. He is interested in how humans perceive their environment (e.g., its safety and risks), how these perceptions influence behavior, and how we might embed humans within CHSs to measure and modify these processes and outcomes. He draws upon methods from feedback systems, sequential decision making, reinforcement learning, and supervised (statistical) learning. Specific tasks include smartphone-based sensing, personalized interruption and intervention delivery, inference of human objectives and capabilities, and spatiotemporal risk prediction. Many of these problems involve the processing of human (or natural) language, a topic that he pursued as a graduate student at Michigan State University. He teaches courses in data science, with a particular emphasis on statistical learning. Prof. Gerber obtained B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science, the latter focusing on statistical models of meaning within natural language text.

Research Interests

  • Cyber-Human Systems
  • Machine / Statistical Learning
  • Natural Language Processing

Selected Publications

  • Discovery of Behavioral Markers of Social Anxiety from Smartphone Sensor Data ABS Yu Huang, Jiaqi Gong, Mark Rucker, Philip Chow, Karl Fua, Matthew S Gerber, Bethany Teachman, Laura E Barnes
  • Sensus: a cross-platform, general-purpose system for mobile crowdsensing in human-subject studies Proceedings of the 2016 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing ABS Haoyi Xiong, Yu Huang, Laura E Barnes, Matthew S Gerber
  • Predicting crime using Twitter and kernel density estimation Decision Support Systems 61, 115-125. ABS Matthew S Gerber
  • HDLTex: Hierarchical deep learning for text classification ABS Kamran Kowsari, Donald E Brown, Mojtaba Heidarysafa, Kiana Jafari Meimandi, Matthew S Gerber, Laura E Barnes

Courses Taught

  • Data and Information Engineering
  • Applied Data Mining