B.S., Modern European ​History, Trinity University, 1985M.S., History and Sociology of Technology and Science, Georgia Tech, 2012Ph.D., History and Sociology of Technology and Science, Georgia Tech, 2019

"Do what's right, because it's right, ESPECIALLY when no one is looking"

I take an interdisciplinary approach across a broad spectrum to include technical systems, automobility/motorsports, technology and the environment, innovation, users and maintainers, and technology in modern European history. I came from the world our students will be entering. I also work on operational issues with UVA's Experiential Learning competition teams.

I was born into a US Army family of Swedish immigrants (both parents) and I grew up predominantly in Europe until age 15 when we were transferred to San Antonio, TX. Coming of age among a variety of societies and cultures while learning multiple languages has been beneficial to me understanding other perspectives and opinions.

Upon completion of undergraduate degree, I served with the US Army in Europe and the US as an Infantry officer first, then in Counterintelligence. During this time, I was frequently tasked with liaison duties to members of German, French, English and Belgian military organizations.

Following separation from the Army, I worked in Atlanta for Global Fortune 100 manufacturing corporations, mid-size service companies, and small businesses including owning/operating an online micro-retail business. One of the most significant roles I've had was as Lead Envoy to the Swedish delegation for the 1996 Paralympic Games. It was profoundly impactful to participate among such incredible determination and resilience demonstrated by these athletes and their staff.

Throughout my professional career I have been involved with the implementation of new technologies and innovations. What I bring to my students is personal experience as a user (sometimes super-user) of high-tech innovations, non-executive management and operations, as well as that of tolerance and appreciation for the perspective of others, flexibility, resilience, and resolve to overcome obstacles.

I am married since 1982 to the same wonderful woman who stole my heart - and we still hold hands when we're walking. We have two grown sons in Atlanta.


  • Doan Fellow, Beckman Center, Chemical Heritage Foundation 2013-2014
  • Ivan Allen College Paper Competition, GTRIC (Georgia Tech Research and Innovation Conference), "Sparky, the Patriot, and Turbo-Diesels: The Relevance of 'Failed' Motorsports Innovations to the History of Technology 2013
  • Georgia-Pacific Paper Division Outstanding Performance Award 2003
  • US Army Expert Infantryman Badge - EIB 1988
  • German Bundeswehr (Army) Marksmanship cord - Schützenschnur (Bronze) 1988

Research Interests

  • Technical systems; Women Engineers in Motorsports; Automobility, Motorsports, and the Environment; Innovation and Design; Using and Maintaining Technology; Ethics in Engineering and Design

Selected Publications

  • Motorsports and Motoring Public at Full Song (1950 to 1965): Measuring Men, Creatively Destructive, or Stimulating Technology? ABS Online series: Technology's Stories; Society for the History Of Technology, June 2015
  • Race Space: The Transformation of Iconic Motorsport Circuits From Public Spaces Into Large-Technological-Systems, 1950-2010 Second Annual Jean S. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Racing History, International Motor Racing Research Center (IMRRC), Watkins Glen, NY, 2016
  • Teaching at the Intersection of Engineering and the Liberal Arts: The University of Virginia's First Year Course in Science, Technology, and Society Co-author with Ben Laugelli, Doug Reed, and Prof. W.B. Carlson; Liberal Arts and Engineering Symposium, Union College, Schenectady, NY, 2015
  • Sparky, the Patriot, and Turbo-Diesels: The Relevance of "Failed" Motorsports Innovations to the History of Technology Georgia Tech Research and Innovation Conference (GTRIC), Atlanta, GA, 2013
  • How Green Was the Flag? The Maturation of Motorsports' Relationship With Automobility and the Environment Annual conference, Society for the History Of Technology (SHOT), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012
  • Asclepius at High(er) Speed: Motorsports' Transition From Trauma Treatment to High-Tech Medicine and Prevention Annual conference, Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science (SAHMS), Emory University, Atlanta, GA, 2012

Courses Taught

  • STS 2993 Independent Study - Motorsport Innovation, Technology, and Funding (10 - 15 students) 2017 - Present
  • STS 1500 - Science, Technology, and Contemporary Issues: Design for a Sustainable World - co-teaching (team of 4); 360-400 students per semester (2 lectures and 9 labs) 2014 - Present