Albert Small Building, Room 112 156 Engineer’s Way


I moved to Virginia in 2000 after a sixteen-year career as a professional engineer and manager at AT&T and Lucent Technologies in New Jersey. At AT&T and Lucent Technologies I worked in the design and development of telecommunications infrastructure equipment and software including a private branch exchange and a multi-point video conferencing system with an associated scheduling system. I also completed a project to improve the manufacturing of our equipment so that just-in-time manufacturing could be implemented.

I began teaching applied mathematics courses at UVA in 2002. Currently, I teach and coordinate courses in both calculus and statistics and probability. I work closely with my Applied Math colleagues to deliver and to continuously improve our courses.


B.S. ​Stevens Institute of Technology, 1983

M.S. Stanford University, 1984

I help engineering students develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence in engineering math and to develop good habits for success as a student."

Stacie Pisano, Lecturer


Education Innovation Award 2016
Education Innovation 2017