Plan for success using the timeline and graduation requirements for your degree. The Office of Graduate Programs helps navigate school-level degree requirements as well as the correct forms pertaining to required assessments, thesis and dissertation committee formation, proposal and defense completion and submission guidelines.

Engineering Graduate Student Degrees

Master’s:  Master of Science (M.S. - with thesis) and Non-thesis Master’s (M.E., M.C.S., M.M.S.E.)

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Fall and Spring: Full-time students are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 credits (maximum of 15 credits) in the spring and fall semesters. Part-time students are to enroll in up to 6 credits.

Summer: Summer semester enrollment is not required unless the student receives student funding by the University in the summer (GRA, GTA, or fellowship) or is graduating in August. Funded students must enroll in 6 credits for full-time status.

If not being paid, degree candidates may be eligible to enroll in affiliated status ($211 fee as of fall 2022) – conditions apply. For further information on affiliated status enrollment, contact: