As of June 9, 2020, all pertinent forms have been converted to allow for digital signatures. Please review the Signing Digital Documents page for instructions.

Submit completed/approved forms to the Graduate Registrars via email.

For more information on these forms, please contact your particular graduate program coordinator and director.

Download Graduate Student-Faculty Advisor Research Collaboration Guide for graduate student researchers. 

This guide is to optimize the success of the graduate school experience. It will help you set a clear and concise record to establish open lines of communication and expectations with your advisor to get you started in your graduate career. 

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Request appointment of your Doctoral Advisory Committee (Ph.D.)

Please fill out this form to request the appointment and certification of your Doctoral Advisory committee.

Submit a report of my Ph.D. examination (Ph.D.)

Ph.D. students: submit a report of your Ph.D. (qualifying, preliminary, comprehensive) examination using this form. You MUST also submit the program-specific qualifying exam assessment form linked in the accordion at the top of the page.

Submit documentation of my dissertation proposal (Ph.D.)

Use this form to submit documentation of your dissertation proposal, to be completed at the Proposal Examination (replaces form G108). You must also submit the Engineering Dissertation Proposal Assessment form.

Request appointment of my final examination committee (Ph.D. and M.S.)

Use this form to request appointment of your final examination (defense) committee.

Submit a report of final examination (Ph.D. and M.S.)

Use this form to submit a report of final examination, to be completed at exam. You must also submit a Thesis and Dissertation Assessment form.

Ph.D. ONLY: You must also submit a certificate of completion of the online Survey of Earned Doctorates...


Request a LIBRA Embargo

In special circumstances, students may request approval to place an embargo on an electronic thesis or dissertation deposited in Libra after consulting with their thesis or dissertation committee. The Embargo Request Form must first be approved and signed by all of the student's final defense committee members and department. The form is then submitted to the Assistant Dean for Graduate Education for final review and approval.

Find the correct cover and approval pages (Ph.D. and M.S.)

Click the link below to access the School's official cover and approval pages, which include the dean’s signature, to be completed at the final exam or after required corrections are complete. No faculty/committee signatures are needed for these pages which become the first two pages of the thesis/dissertation.

Request a requirement change, exception or waiver (All degrees)

Request a change, exception or waiver to UVA Engineering academic requirements using this form.

Request approval of transfer credits (All degrees)

Use this form to request approval of transfer credits/courses. This will appear on UVA transcript (limit of 6 in Ph.D or M.S; limit of 12 in M.E. and 15 in VEO). This form must be processed at least two weeks prior to graduation, including receipt of official transcript with final grade.

Request a change of program, department or degree (All degrees)

Use this form to request a change of program, department or degree.

Change my enrollment limit/status (All degrees)

Students should use this form to request a change of enrollment limit/status in order to switch from or to full or part-time (12 credits is full-time, less than 12 is part-time).

International Students requesting part-time enrollment must also submit a request in the ISSP portal.


Request use of UVA Engineering graduate-level course (All degrees)

Use this form to request use of UVA Engineering graduate-level (=>5000) courses taken while a UVA undergraduate student. Courses must have NOT been used for the undergraduate degree.

Make a schedule change that cannot be made in SIS (All degrees)

Students should use this form only to make schedule changes that cannot be made by using SIS.

Request a Social Security Number

Use this form if you are an F-1 student and need a Social Security number.


Jayne Weber

Graduate Engineering Registrar

Jayne is responsible for maintaining student records, entering student milestones, enrollment, tracking academic requirements and overseeing degree conferral.