Academic Support

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    Research Computing

    Research Computing empowers researchers to achieve more through the use of cutting-edge computational resources, training, and consultation. Services include high performance computing, data analysis, image processing and visualization, bioinformatics, cloud solutions, and storage.

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    UVA Library System

    The Library offers a range of services (and workshops too!) to help graduate students with research, class instruction, publication, and teaching. Learn more below, and remember to Ask a Librarian if you have any questions!

Engineering Student Support Services

Students in the School of Engineering have access to an expansive student support team, including an embedded UVA assistant dean of students, counselors from UVA's Counseling and Psychological Services team, and a counselor from UVA's Student Disability Access Center. Learn more about these positions below.

Assistant Dean of Students

The School of Engineering hosts an embedded assistant dean of students from the UVA Care and Support Services team. The assistant dean specializes in providing crisis triage and response, Engineering and University resource referrals, information about University conduct policies and generalist support for students in distress. The assistant dean also works closely with support services and resources in other offices or areas of the Engineering School and the University to connect students with the most helpful and relevant support available for their specific needs or concerns.  This position is temporarily vacant, while we search for a new assistant dean to join our school community.

How to Make An Appointment

While we search for a new assistant dean, students who wish to make an appointment to speak with anyone from the Office of the Care and Support Services can call the office at 434-924-7133. Students may also contact the office via email at, or walk in any time during business hours to Peabody Hall (second floor). Staff on the team will meet with students, listen to their concerns, and work to determine what additional meetings or referrals will be appropriate and helpful.

Embedded Counseling and Psychological Services

Liz Ramirez-Weaver and Katie Fowler are the School of Engineer's embedded counselors from the UVA Counseling and Psychological Services team. Liz and Katie specialize in helping students find effective ways to cope with:

  • Personal concerns: Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Academic concerns: Perfectionism, lack of motivation, performance anxiety
  • Developmental concerns: Adjustment to college life, identity (personal, cultural, sexual orientation, gender identity)
  • Trauma-Sexual assault, abuse and other traumatic events
  • Substance Use concerns: Alcohol and other drugs
  • Other concerns: Career direction, body image concerns, personal values, spiritual concerns etc.


How to Make an Appointment

You may schedule an initial phone assessment online using the HealthyHoos patient portal (login using your Netbadge ID) or by calling the CAPS main number (434-243-5150) and notifying the receptionist that you are enrolled in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

For more information, please see Getting Started at CAPS | Student Health and Wellness, U.Va. (



CAPS Outreach

Liz and Katie are available for virtual presentations on mental health and wellness. Please email Liz at ER2TN@VIRGINIA.EDU or Katie at RFK2XJ@VIRGINIA.EDU and submit the CAPS OUTREACH REQUEST FORM 

TimelyCare and TalkNow

UVA CAPS, in partnership with TimelyCare, offers 12 FREE scheduled telehealth counseling visits with a licensed mental health provider to all students who have paid comprehensive health fees with their tuition (no insurance needed)TalkNow, which is an additional service through TimelyCare, allows students to connect with a mental health professional any time of day, either by phone or video. Click here to learn more about TimelyCare, or to get started.

Student Disability Access Specialist

Courtney MacMasters is the accessibility specialist for the School of Engineering from the UVA Student Disability Access Center. Students are encouraged to submit an application (please indicate you are in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, so you will be assigned to Courtney as your advisor). After submitting an application, students can also email Courtney directly ( or stop by her office on the first floor of the Thornton Hall A wing, across from the Dean's Office.

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UVA Engineering Graduate Hardship Funding

Graduate students experiencing an unexpected hardship to meet pressing financial needs, such as tuition, rent, food, healthcare, or necessary travel. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Student Life

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    Getting to Know Charlottesville

    There's good reason why the U.S. Bureau of Economic Research ranked Charlottesville the happiest city in American, and why Travelers Today ranked it the top college town. Charlottesville has it all: history, culture, nature, educational opportunity and proximity to the nation's capital.

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    Parking & Transportation

    Parking and Transportation manages the UVA bus system and other transit options, as well as parking passes for graduate students. 

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    More Student Life Resources

    The University of Virginia offers a broad range of resources for graduate students, including housing and technology resources, career and networking support, and information for international students.

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Get Involved

Find out more about how to get involved with student organizations.