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The Integrated Electromagnetics, Circuits, and Systems Lab

The Integrated Electromagnetics, Circuits, and Systems (IECS) Lab in the Univeristy of Virginia’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department is led by Professor Steven Bowers. Our research focus is on integrated systems from microwave to THz, with applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), biomedical imaging, security and communication. By using various tools enabled by continued integration of systems onto a single semiconductor substrate in a tightly interconected co-design philosophy, new optimal solutions for existing applications, and even new application spaces become possible.

Our current research interests include design of energy-efficient integrated circuits for IoT, RF photonics, holistic integration of high-frequency analog circuits, advanced digital circuits, and novel electromagnetic structures to enable the next generation of microwave and mm-wave applications, including adaptive mm-wave circuits as well as mm-wave power generation and radiation.

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The IECS lab is currently looking for multiple creative, motivated and intelligent engineers who are interested in integrated RFIC, mm-Wave and THz systems to be prospective Ph.D. students. Prospective graduate students and undergraduate researchers can contact the lab at iecs@virginia.edu for more information about joining the lab.

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Steven M. Bowers
Associate Professor
University of Virginia
Phone: 434-924-3599
sbowers [at] virginia [dot] edu

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