Scully group photo

Dissecting Corrosion

Professor Scully‚Äôs group is dedicated to studying all forms of corrosion and materials degradation for the defense, aerospace, energy, biological, nuclear, oil and gas industries. 

We are a cross-disciplinary team that combines electrochemistry, metallurgy, and materials science to understand the fundamental of corrosion, and provides the means and suggestions to accurately measure corrosion properties. Our particular areas of interest include high entropy alloy development, hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking, localized corrosion, passivity of materials, and molten salt electrochemistry. 

We are a group of passionate and friendly corrosion scientists, students, and engineers. If you are a prospective undergraduate student, summer intern, graduate student, or post-doctoral researcher, please feel free to contact Prof. Scully @ JRS8D@VIRGINIA.EDU