Applied Math Academics

UVA Engineering students can choose a minor in applied math.

Minor Requirements

Students may request to minor in applied mathematics by filling out an Additional Major - Minor (Minor Declaration) form. Requests for minor forms should be emailed to Stacie Pisano, the Director of the Center for Applied Mathematics.

A minor in applied mathematics for undergraduate students consists of five courses at the 3000 level or above, selected with the approval of the director of applied mathematics. These courses must include at least two courses from APMA 3080, 3100, and 3140.

Courses may be selected from APMA offerings as well as offerings in MATH and/or STAT in the College of Arts and Sciences, if they are not substantial duplicates of engineering school courses already taken.

Transfer Credit Information

The Office of Undergraduate Programs maintains a Transfer Credit Equivalency List, which lists commonly accepted transfer courses from various institutions, including many mathematics courses.