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    Ozbulut Research Group

    Our research lies at the intersection of structural engineering and advanced materials technologies.

Resilient and Advanced Infrastructure Laboratory

Welcome to Resilient and Advanced Infrastructure Laboratory (RAIL)!

Our group aims to formulate innovations in design, materials and sensing technologies to advance a new generation of infrastructure systems. Led by Professor Osman Ozbulut, RAIL focuses on applying smart technologies and interdisciplinary expertise to the development of resilient and sustainable civil infrastructure systems.


More About Us

Our primary research activities spans the following areas: (1) development and characterization of innovative materials including advanced composites, super alloys, nano-structured materials; and 3D printable materials (2) application of advanced materials for resilient design of structures, as well as repair and retrofit of deficient and aging civil infrastructure; (3) structural health monitoring and integrity assessment of infrastructure systems based on vibration data and advanced sensing technologies.

Research Areas

Resilient and Advanced Infrastructure Laboratory is located at the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment at University of Virginia. Our group includes graduate students, undergraduate students, post-docs and visiting scholars from diverse backgrounds.

RAIL People