Road Safety Champion Program (RSCP)


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National Road Safety Champion Program


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What is the Road Safety Champion Program?

The Road Safety Champion Program (RSCP) is a certificate program designed to improve the safety training of those responsible for operating, maintaining, designing, and enforcing local roads. The long-term goal is to build a knowledgeable workforce that is motivated to implement safety improvements that reduce injuries and fatalities on rural and local roadways.

Training participants will complete a series of courses in core and specialized safety issues. When all requirements are met, participants will be awarded a Road Safety Champion Program Certificate. (Note: the certificate is not a degree or professional certification.) To register as a Road Safety Champion candidate, click here

Who can participate in the program?

The program is open to staff from transportation, public health and law enforcement agencies, who have an interest in or responsibility for roadway safety issues.  For example, at a transportation agency, this may include roadway construction, maintenance, design or traffic operations staff.  At a law enforcement agency, this may include incident management staff or patrol officers. At a public health agency, staff who manage car seat programs or impaired driving prevention programs may be interested.

Participants should have a working knowledge of roadway safety issues related to their agency and/or job responsibility. Field experience and other similar experiences are encouraged.


For a Level 1 Certificate, participants will complete approximately 14 classes.

Core Modules (Required for Every Road Safety Champion Candidate)

  • Introduction to Road Safety
  • Anatomy of a Crash - Understanding Human Factors
  • Introduction to Traffic Safety Culture
  • Overview of the MUTCD
  • Intersection of Transportation with Public Health and Law Enforcement
  • Reading the Roadway
  • Safety Analysis Process

Choose 1 Track Below

Maintenance and Construction Track 

  • Maintaining a Safer Roadway
  • Work Zones
  • Worker Safety
  • Traffic Incident Management (TIMs) Training
  • Take Action Now - Maintaining Safety
  • OSHA 10
  • Flagger Certification


Planning and Engineering Track

  • Countermeasures for Road Safety
  • Work Zones
  • Overview of Local Road Safety Plans
  • Overview of Data and Tools for Safety
  • Joint Training on Crash Reporting (with Law Enforcement)
  • Systemic Safety Project Selection Tool


Public Health Track - In Development


Law Enforcement Track - In Development


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