Microfabrication Fees & Reservation Calendars

IFAB Microfabrication Fees & Reservation Calendars

IFAB Monthly Entrance Fees

IFAB operates with a combination of a base monthly user Entrance-Fee along with hourly equipment rates on select equipment.  IFAB currently offers a single Full Facility Entrance Fee that allows users access to both Microfabrication and BioManufacturing. IFAB also offers a BioManufacturing ONLY Entrance-Fee. Users must recieve a Microfabrication Facility & Safety tour before they can access the Microfabrication equipment-stations, and receive a BioManufacturing Facility & Safety tour before accessing BioManufacturing equipment-stations. The Microfabrication Entrance Fee = $950/mo (we will soon be moving two two tiers of reduced monthly Microfabrication Entrance Fees along with a $/hr Equipment Fee). 

→ All users must enter a Funding Account number (PTAO) in the IFAB Monthly Entrance Fee system every month they plan to use IFAB (external users should enter their name an institution) 


      Full Facility (Microfab+BioM) Entrance Fees 



IFAB Microfabrication Sign-Up Calendars and select $/hr Equipment Fees 

IFAB Microfabrication and BioManufacturing spaces and equipment are open to IFAB Full Facility Monthly Fee members.

Select equipment in BioManufacturing is offered on a $/hr basis and requires Sign-Up Calendar reservation. The remaining BioManufacturing equipment/stations are available without $/hr fee or Sign-Up reservation.

Select equipment in Microfabrication requires Sign-Up Calendar reservation (even if it does not have a $/hr charge for use). The select Microfabrication equipment requiring Sign-Up Calendar reservation is listed below, along with embedded IFAB SharePoint Sign-Up Calendar links.

→ All users must first read the instructions for filling in Calendar Sign-Up sheets:  click-here  

→ Users must be trained and staff-approved for use on all equipment

Click Here for BioManufacturing Fees and Sign-Up Calendars


Daily Sign-In Calendar 


Microfabrication Reservation Sign-Up Calendars



  MJB4 Mask Aligner

  EVG Mask Aligner

  MABA6 Mask and Bond Aligner


  Raith 150-TWO Ebeam Direct Write  

  Microwriter Laser Direct Write  

  FESEM (Zeiss Gemini-3 with EDS)



  Ebeam (2018) Evaporator

  Ebeam (2005) Evaporator  

  RF Diode Sputter  (single target)

  Lesker magentron sputter  (open for use!)

  ICP-CVD Deposition  

  AJA Sputter   (superconducting-THz work)

  Sputter-3   (superconducting-THz group)

  Tri-4  (superconducting group)



  Oxford PlasmaLab-100 Chlorine ICP-RIE (has additional $10/hr LN2 charges)

  Oxford Cobra-300 Fluorine Si ICP-RIE 

 XeF2 Isotropic Si Etcher



  Au-Plating  (Mike Cyberey is point contact)

  Ni-Plating   (Mike Cyberey is point contact)

  Critical Point Dryer  (In south-east corner)



  RTA  (Axic)

  Bruker GT-K Optical Profiler   (for a > 1hr Sign-Up period)

  Suss Wafer Bonder  (SUSS X8 high force-temp)

  Disco DAD3220 DICING 

  Logitch PM5 Lapping-Polishing Tool