Microfabrication Fees & Reservation Calendars

IFAB Microfabrication Fees & Reservation Calendars

IFAB Monthly Entrance Fees

IFAB operates with a combination of a base monthly user Entrance-Fee along with hourly equipment rates on select equipment.  IFAB currently offers a single Full Facility Entrance Fee that allows users access to both Microfabrication and BioManufacturing. IFAB also offers a BioManufacturing ONLY Entrance-Fee. Users must recieve a Microfabrication Facility & Safety tour before they can access the Microfabrication equipment-stations, and receive a BioManufacturing Facility & Safety tour before accessing BioManufacturing equipment-stations. The Microfabrication Entrance Fee = $950/mo (we will soon be moving two two tiers of reduced monthly Microfabrication Entrance Fees along with a $/hr Equipment Fee). 

→ All users must enter a Funding Account number (PTAO) in the IFAB Monthly Entrance Fee system every month they plan to use IFAB (external users should enter their name an institution) 


      Full Facility (Microfab+BioM) Entrance Fees 



IFAB Microfabrication Sign-Up Calendars and select $/hr Equipment Fees 

IFAB Microfabrication and BioManufacturing spaces and equipment are open to IFAB Full Facility Monthly Fee members.

Select equipment in BioManufacturing is offered on a $/hr basis and requires Sign-Up Calendar reservation. The remaining BioManufacturing equipment/stations are available without $/hr fee or Sign-Up reservation.

Select equipment in Microfabrication requires Sign-Up Calendar reservation (even if it does not have a $/hr charge for use). The select Microfabrication equipment requiring Sign-Up Calendar reservation is listed below, along with embedded IFAB SharePoint Sign-Up Calendar links.

→ All users must first read the instructions for filling in Calendar Sign-Up sheets:  click-here  

→ Users must be trained and staff-approved for use on all equipment

Click Here for BioManufacturing Fees and Sign-Up Calendars


Daily Sign-In Calendar 


Microfabrication Reservation Sign-Up Calendars



  MJB4 Mask Aligner

  EVG Mask Aligner

  MABA6 Mask and Bond Aligner


  Raith Ebeam Direct Write  

  Microwriter Direct Write  




  Ebeam (2018) Evaporator

  Ebeam (2005) Evaporator  

  RF Diode Sputter  (single target)

  Lesker magentron sputter 

  ICP-CVD Deposition  

  AJA Sputter   (superconducting-THz work)

  Sputter-3   (superconducting-THz group)

  Tri-4  (superconducting group)



  Oxford Chlorine ICP-RIE (has additional LN2 charges)

  Oxford Fluorine Si ICP-RIE 

  XeF2 Si Etcher    



  Au-Plating  (Mike Cyberey is point contact)

  Ni-Plating   (Mike Cyberey is point contact)

  Critical Point Dryer  (In south-east corner)




  Optical Profiler   (for a > 1hr Sign-Up period)

  Suss Wafer Bonder


  Logitch PM5 Lapping-Polishing Tool