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Download the Summer Advising and Enrollment Academic Guide [PDF].

First Year Courses 

By the end of spring semester, you should have credit for the core curriculum.

AP Credit, Transfer Credit, and Other Exceptions

Information on AP Scores and course credit is available through U-REG in the undergraduate record.

Computer Science place out tests are held the first week of classes.

We strongly advise students to follow the recommendation of the APMA Placement Test. If you have questions about the APMA Placement Test, please email APMA-PLACEMENT@VIRGINIA.EDU.  

Computer Recommendations 

Software needs for engineering students differ by major. While the Windows options below typically ensure broadest compatibility across all disciplines, newer Apple silicon based MacOS devices offer sufficient compatibility in many majors. The Mechanical and Aerospace and, to a lesser extent, Civil Engineering undergraduate programs rely on Windows-only software, and so students purchasing a computer before starting at UVA and who are reasonably certain of choosing one of those two majors should choose a Windows computer.  Either MacOS or Windows devices will be fine for all other Engineering majors. 

New students do not start in their Engineering major until their second-year of study, and either MacOS or Windows devices are acceptable for the first-year curriculum. Further, about half of students change their mind about their Engineering major in the first year of study! Thus, we recommend to new first-year students that if you have a functioning computer that is less than 3-years old that you continue to use it at UVA for your first year. Plan then to purchase a new computer at the end of your first year when you know your major and your computer needs. If you need to purchase a new computer, but cannot afford one, please contact Student Financial Services. They may be able to help!

Good minimum specifications are:

  • Minimum Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 (64-bit) Home or Pro (Version/Build 21H2) or macOS 12 (Monterey).
  • Hard Drive: Minimum - 256GB SSD. Recommended - 512GB or larger SSD.
  • Processor Speed: Minimum - Intel Dual-Core i5 (2021 or newer) 1.3 GHz or equivalent. Recommended - Intel i7 equivalent or faster.
  • Memory: Minimum - 8GB. Recommended - 16 GB or more.