Every student has an advisor in the Engineering School (You can find your advisor’s name in your SIS Student Center). While there are many resources for support at the University, we encourage students to advocate for themselves to the best of their ability and seek out support early and often. 

It is especially crucial that if you encounter a significant problem that impacts your academics very broadly (i.e., is not confined to a single class), you should come to the UG office for support and consultation. If you have a death in the family, are suffering from physical or mental health challenges, or have other serious issues that impact your ability to succeed academically, contact the UG office so that we can connect you with appropriate support resources. 

Talk to your instructor when you: 

  • Need help with or tutoring in their course 
  • Have a question about the policies of their course
  • Have a grade dispute in their course
  • Want to learn more about how that course meshes with other courses in the curriculum

See your faculty advisor when you:

  • Have a question about the curriculum or a problem in a single class that has not been resolved by talking to the instructor
  • You are curious about study abroad or other experiential opportunities
  • Need to talk about a potential course substitutions or other curriculum modifications

Come to the Undergraduate Office when you: 

  • Have a problem that impacts your academic success or many/all of your classes
  • Wish to access the centralized tutoring resources available for core courses
  • Need to explore transfer credit
  • Believe you have a problem with your record in SIS or with course registration
  • Have a course modification
  • You would like to withdraw from a course, overload or underload courses 

Come to CAPS or the Dean of students if you:

  • Need to find mental health resources or wellness support
  • Need a confidential professional to report or discuss an incident 

Get in Touch

The Office of Undergraduate Programs provides information, assistance and guidance to undergraduate engineering students as well as to prospective students and parents interested in applying to the School of Engineering undergraduate program. Applications are made through the University of Virginia.