Center for Engineering Career Development

The Center for Engineering Career Development's mission is to help engineering students achieve their highest aspirations and become the next generation of global engineering leaders.

What's new: The Spring Job and Internship Fair is January 23rd and 24th. Here is a list of companies organized by engineering-related industries.

We prepare our students to make smart, strategic career decisions throughout their professional lives. Through professional advising and counseling, students can build their understanding of job search and career self-management processes, identify their strengths and interests, and connect with prospective employers so they gain confidence and competence as they plan for their future. 

We help students of all academic levels by:

  • Assisting students in identifying their strengths and interests through a variety of self-assessment tools
  • Building relationships with prospective employers
  • Hosting career fairs, workshops and seminars
  • Helping students build their professional skills, such as resume-writing and interviewing 
  • Connecting students with internship opportunities and post-graduation opportunities such as graduate school
  • Working with graduate students on professional development activities
  • Making connections with engineering alumni